Innovative Ways To Build A Wellness Program

Useful ideas and points that you need to follow to create a wellness community at your work


Having a wellness program does not mean that you have to hire a wellness coach and make all your employees attend classes designed for them. Everything can be done much more easily and less forcefully to arouse interest and not need to push it. Moreover, you do not need to have much money for such an enterprise. Be ready, however, that transforming your company and team will take some time and effort, but believe in the final result and trust that it's worth the effort spent. So, below, there are some easy tips and steps that you can take to reach the goal of building a wellness community at your work.

Step #1: Assess your needs

First of all, it is important to set your needs. As a rule, the budget assigned for the creation of a wellness community is not big, so make sure to do only the essential things. According to professionals, the first thing you need to do is ask your employees to fill out a Health Risk Appraisal to review personal lifestyle practices and understand risk factors. After reading results you will have hints on what to pay attention to in the program. It is also highly advised to hire an expert, such as a professional fitness coach, who will interpret you the results of this small investigation to make sure that you take the answers of your workers correctly and do not twist them in any other direction. 

If you do not know anything about HRA, then you can simply conduct an interest survey that will focus on your initiative toward the creation of wellness community at work and help you set the information you need to find out from your employees.

Step #2: Design a program

If your budget allows then hire a professional fitness and wellness coach who will help your employees train and give them useful advice to follow. If there is no money to set up a full gym in your office, think about the ways to improve the health of your workers without spending a penny. For instance, you can implement a non-smoking policy or some kind of walking program.

Remember also that there are lots of free websites with useful questionnaires and forms to fill that help people track their food and training habits and so push them to work out more or quit smoking. These tools are free for you but can be priceless for your community.

The easiest almost free ways to make your workers healthier are listed below:

1. Tobacco

This is the worst health factor existing in all offices around the country. To help your employees get rid of the habit of smoking you can set up counseling, encourage usage of nicotine patches, and even forbid smoking at the office at all.

2. Cancer Screening

People tend to be afraid of cancer but do not do anything to protect themselves from it. So you can help your workers to go for screening by giving them a day off or offering free screening to raise their awareness of the problem.

3. Fitness and Nutrition

Promote a healthy lifestyle in the office. Set the example yourself, think about creating a special facility like a gym or at least a basketball ring for some physical activity.

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