Innovative Leadership in Asia

Find out about innovation in Asia through organizations such as Twitter, Coca-Cola and the United Nations


It wasn’t too long ago that the Western world looked at Asia Pacific as a manufacturing centre which, barring major brands such as Sony and Samsung, wasn’t quite ready to regularly produce innovative companies.

Fast-forward less than a decade, and the picture is almost entirely different. Not only are companies within the region scaling up their innovation efforts to become more competitive, organizations from outside the region are also establishing innovation centres in Asia Pacific too.

Family owned businesses, including Toyota, have been the shining innovation examples in Asia over the last fifty years, with considerable emphasis placed on process innovation. Attracting talent outside these companies remains a real challenge however, with many HR professionals stating that there’s still a gap between the current crop of talent and what’s needed to drive the region’s productivity forward.

Singapore, widely considered Asia’s innovation capital, will host this year’s Business Innovation Festival. Held on June 17 & 18, the festival includes three different summits; Chief Data Officer, Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Strategy Officer

Each summit will take a unique look at innovation in Asia, and will tackle the issues that come with developing the right leaders to make the most of the region’s desire to innovate.

The speakers across all three events come from companies which not only vary in terms of purpose, but size and culture as well. Organizations such as the United Nations, Twitter and Diageo will be presenting as we look to find out how companies can incite discovery and inspire change.


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