Innovation Enterprise launches DATAx, a global series of AI festivals

DATAx will bring AI closer to business leaders, giving them the actionable insights they need to reimagine their organizations


Innovation Enterprise announces the launch of DATAx, a new global series of festivals and summits dedicated to highlighting the ways that artificial intelligence (AI) and data science are reshaping the world.

AI is bringing waves of disruption and efficiency gains to all areas of business, from the boardroom to the factory floor. Global consulting group McKinsey estimates that 70% of businesses are expected to rely on AI to automate functions by 2030, adding $13 trillion growth to the global economy; contrary to popular belief, the World Economic Forum has stated that the shifting dynamics between machines and humans will add an estimated 133 million new roles to the workforce.

The total impact of AI for business remains a question mark for many companies; DATAx will resolve this uncertainty and prepare business leader to address topics like machine learning, analytics, data talent and big data.

Under the statement of "Think Bigger. Work Smarter." DATAx will bring AI closer to business leaders, giving them the actionable insights they need to reimagine their organizations, and the tools for a seamless and early implementation. These next-generation events will have an innovative format where interaction is placed at the forefront of roundtable discussions and workshops designed to stimulate creativity and facilitate conversations.

DATAx take place in innovation hotspots around the globe in order to connect delegates with the latest research, cutting-edge technology and the most interesting startups from the local ecosystem.

Innovation Enterprise has chosen New York City to launch the first DATAx on December 12–13, with more than 100 confirmed speakers from leading brands including Google, Disney, GE, Live Nation, NBC, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, HSBC, Santander and many more. All confirmed speakers can be found here.

Following the launch in New York, in 2019 DATAx will be held in London, Singapore, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Sydney and Boston – all of which will provide a gateway to the waves of innovation emerging from China with events in Shanghai and Zhongguancun, Beijing's Silicon Valley.

Luke Bilton, Managing Director of Innovation Enterprise, commented: "While AI has now become a real opportunity, it also brings real 'survival of the fittest' challenges – only fast-moving businesses are most likely to succeed.

"DATAx is a new style of event, designed to arm early adopters with the tools they need to move fast. We are excited to welcome the world's most innovative brands and partners to build something unique."

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