Innovating Social - Four Key Examples

This article takes a look at the best digital innovations


Digital has been awash with new innovative trends over the last couple of years and in this article I take a look at four of the most pertinent ones.

Twitter’s use of Vines

Twitter has been central to most of the innovative trends surrounding social media in the last five years, but the standout development was arguably its acquisition of short-form video sharing service, Vine, in October 2012.

The service now has over forty-million users and has managed to grow despite the insurmountable pressure being placed on it by Instagram. Its trademark six-second videos have given birth to a new breed of viral celebrity and it's now the go-to platform when anyone’s looking to tease Hollywood A-listers and professional sports stars.

WhatsApp’s capture of Facebook’s fleeing under 25 demographic

Facebook hasn’t been ‘cool’ for a while. Ever since grandmothers started using it to wish their grandchildren happy birthday, the under-25 bracket has been leaving Facebook in their droves. Whilst Mark Zuckerberg’s company remains the world’s biggest social network, over 3 million teens left the site in the last 3 years.

WhatsApp has captured this market, with over 50 billion messages being sent over its network. As SMS continues to fall lower onto its knees, Whatsapp is reported to have in the region of 430 million users.

The network has branched out too, it now offers a variety of additional services, like voice messaging and group chats, making it probable that the platform’s going to be around for sometime.

Tinder revamping the reputation of online dating

Before Tinder came along, online dating was something which its participants were a little ashamed of, now, people are quite happy swiping on the tube on their way to work.

Tinder’s done two things incredibly well and that’s firstly to take advantage of touch screen technology by incorporating its swipe action, and secondly to make it easier for people to sign up - all users have to do is sign in with a social media account and they’re good to go.

The platform now boasts an impressive 400 million swipes per day.

Snapchat helping everyone manage their social media loads

Snapchat’s had its fair share of controversy over the years, but whilst others would have melted under it, it's risen stronger.

Its most innovative aspect is that allows its users to get rid of content that they’ve seen, eliminating any form of backlog which comes with the overabundance of social media we’re all exposed to.

More content is uploaded on Snapchat than Facebook, perhaps the many reason why their CEO, Evan Spiegel, rejected Zuckerberg’s $3 billion offer for the service back in 2013.

There are of course other companies I could have mentioned - RebelMouse, even NASA, are great examples, too. These four however have become cultures in themselves and will be platforms which the next generation of sites will be looking to for inspiration. 


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