Infosys and US college partner to prepare for future digital workplace

Infosys and Trinity College will work in collaboration to co-develop content to establish the Trinity-Infosys Applied Learning Initiative


IT consulting company Infosys has partnered with liberal arts college Trinity College, located in in Hartford, Connecticut, to develop educational programs that equip students and Infosys employees with the knowledge required for the future digital workplace.

On the partnership, Infosys president and deputy COO Ravi Kumar said: "We're excited about this long-term partnership with Trinity College. Building a new hybrid talent pool, which draws on broad-based liberal arts foundations and promotes cognitive diversity, will add immense value to the technology consulting industry and address an important skills gap for the 21st century.

"We need people with human-centered skills who can approach problems in entirely new ways, not just solve them, and who will contribute to out-of-the-box thinking in a digital age," he commented.

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According to Infosys, the partnership is a multiyear collaboration that will aim to establish the Trinity-Infosys Applied Learning Initiative to offer students learning opportunities, while engaging faculty and alumni, as well as providing training for Infosys employees.

In a statement, Infosys said: "The two organizations will team up to co-develop content, building on Trinity College's core strengths in the liberal arts while developing capacities in technology and innovation that draw on digital content and real-world case studies from Infosys."

Furthermore, in addition to the initiative, the collaboration plans to explore continuous learning opportunities for Infosys employees and Trinity alumni, Infosys said that it will act as summer program for students at Trinity and other colleges to "acquire in-demand skills in technology-led innovation, and jointly designing and piloting new digital technologies to advance a liberal arts education".

Trinity College president and professor of neuroscience, Joanne Berger-Sweeney, said, "In a rapidly changing world, we will provide Trinity students with unique advantages, complementing their core liberal arts education with technological skills and applied learning that will position them to thrive in the digital workplace.

"We're so pleased that this partnership also will play a key role in fostering innovation and lifelong learning across industries in Hartford and Connecticut," she added.

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