Infographic: What Colour Should Your Logo Be?

Logo colour should not be just a random or brand defined choice


The psychology of color can no longer be dismissed as some sort of quaint marketing gimmick as color is now proven to have a significant impact on consumer behavior. Estimates as to the level of this effect vary although some experts believe color and visual appearance contribute to the purchasing decision of 93% consumers!

In other words, if they don’t like the way your product/service looks, you can forget about their custom regardless of the efficacy of what you’re offering. Your company logo design is what customers often remember so it makes sense to build your brand color scheme around it.

Avoiding a Common Fallacy

You may have seen the popular ‘Business of Color in logo design’ chart which neatly categorizes each color in terms of the emotions it brings out in people. So red causes passion and energy while blue is supposedly a ‘calming color’. If you follow this chart to the letter you may well end up in the poorhouse!

Instead of relying on general assumptions, you need to take a more innovative approach and factor in the following when designing your logo:

  • Geography: Colors have different meanings around the world so tailor your logo’s colors to your target market.
  • Gender: Research suggests that men prefer bolder colors while women like ‘softer’ tones.
  • Qualifications: Believe it or not, a person’s education level impacts their personal experience and taste.
  • Personal Preference: This one is harder to ascertain as it relates to an individual’s tastes.

A Three-Pronged Approach

The infographic below offers a three-pronged approach to help you find the ideal color for your logo:

  • Your Brand Personality: Are you reliable & responsible, daring and energetic or sophisticated & charming?
  • Exploring Color Psychology: Use the aforementioned factors to find the most suitable color scheme for your target audience.
  • Your Rivals: What colors are your rivals using? Does your industry have a favored color scheme? Sometimes it is best to go with the flow and create your logo around established norms but in some sectors, taking a risk and being innovative is ‘the norm’!

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