Infographic: The Cloudy Road to Transformation

Do you know how your company compares to the efforts of others in your industry in IT innovation?


Enterprises worldwide are in the midst of a major transformation in how they serve and engage customers, run global operations, keep pace with explosive data growth, and respond to digital disruption. As you well know, this will all depend on the capacity of next-generation data centers and evolving hybrid IT models to respond to the needs of business. The question is, when it comes to this transformation, are we as far along as we think we are?


“The Cloudy Road to Transformation” is the first of several infographics created by the BPI Network as part of its “Transform to Better Perform” initiative. The project explores how the explosion of data is changing the way companies do business and how consumers receive services. By extending the data center into the cloud, companies create a much more flexible environment that lets them build applications in days instead of months and to preserve privacy by storing data in a more secure environment. This will enhance services to customers while controlling technology costs. Want to receive more infographics like this? We’ll send you the whole series for free. Just register at

The BPI Network is embarking on a brand new thought leadership study on how IT innovation can accelerate business transformation. To do so, we ask for your insights in this survey, which aims to gather insight into whether the IT organization is helping or hindering the transformation to the digital, customer-intuitive enterprise.


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