Infographic: Instagram Trends For Business Marketing

Everything you need to know about Instagram


Instagram as a marketing tool is really coming into its own, as more options for business accounts and premium advertising roll out, and the active user base continues to grow – at least 300 million log in every single day. Data compiled by WebsiteBuilder for a new infographic on Instagram facts reveals about half of all brands are already active on the photo-centric platform, while 500,000 are paying for premium ad placements. With more than 80% of the users from outside the US, Instagram has become a truly global platform for advertising. Here are some upcoming trends that will evolve things even further:

Videos will gain importance

Currently, photos on Instagram receive more engagement than videos but expect that to change in 2017. Videos in the form of Stories (which expire in 24 hours) provide a new form of visual entertainment for the audience while delivering your brand’s message. Live video also gives you the opportunity to present a raw and real side of your business’s personality.

Users will be able to shop from Instagram

Verified accounts can now include shoppable links in Instagram posts. This feature will be available to other business accounts in the future, allowing everyone to boost sales.

If you don’t have a business Instagram account, you should create one right now because at least 70% of all businesses are projected to be using the platform before the end of 2017.


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