Infographic: Innovation Trends Forecast For 2018

We look ahead to the next 12 months in technological innovation


As the curtain closes on 2017, we can begin to look ahead to what 2018 will hold for innovation both technologically and in the world of business. The key trends set to define 2018 are, largely, all things that have already risen to prominence in recent years. The difference with regard to the coming 12 months is that the foundations have been laid for these technologies and innovations to have a serious impact on the business landscape at large. 

Between artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, and the sharing economy, there will be no company left unaffected by technological development, and leaders should be aware of the trends to know how best to maneuver them. So, looking ahead to another busy year in enterprise, we've compiled a list of everything business leaders need to be on top of. 

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