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LinkedIn company page is a business asset that many are not utilizing


Companies have long recognized the importance of LinkedIn for business. However, many companies are still lagging behind in developing one of the most important social assets available.

The LinkedIn company page is an incredible resource, but many businesses fail to understand why it is so important to the overall digital marketing strategy. Check out the top reasons why your company needs to get on board with developing a powerful LinkedIn company page before the end of the year.

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Reason #1: It Features the Entire Company

Many companies think that having their employees list the company on their profile is great marketing. These same companies also believe that giving their employees the standard company language to use is the best way to control the company brand.

However, many employees are either not active on LinkedIn or are just looking to boost their career in some way. Further, when everyone has the same company language for their profile summary or description for the company, it actually works to repel prospects, as well as creating challenges in search engines with duplicate content.

Company pages allow the company to exhibit their products and services, their value proposition and feature the most important products or services through showcase pages. This gives you the most leverage to control the message being promoted by your company, while also giving your employees freedom to be a better representation of what truly makes your company unique: the people who work for you.

Reason #2: LinkedIn is Considered One of the Best Platforms for Lead Generation

The goal of any marketing is to develop new business, social media marketing included. According to one study conducted by Hubspot, LinkedIn has more than 3 times better conversion rate than Facebook or Twitter.
Leveraging all of the possible aspects of a LinkedIn company page will only increase the possible conversions. This includes:

  • publishing content regularly,
  • having a well-developed page with product showcase pages and
  • using the LinkedIn paid marketing platform.

Reason #3: You can Reach your Entire Audience and Measure your Posts’ Impact

One of the challenges with most social networks is the inability to reach your entire audience. On Facebook, for instance, it is estimated that pages reach less than 5% of their audience organically. If you want to reach more, you have to pay for that exposure. Over the last two years, that advertising cost has continued to increase.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, has a robust organic reach for brand pages. In addition to the increased potential reach, LinkedIn also offers some incredible analytics, including how many people have seen your posts, whether they are followers, and interactions, just to name a few.

Reason #4: You can Target a very Specific and Niche Audience

When you start a business page on LinkedIn, you get access to the very robust marketing platform. This is a paid platform but is more powerful than many other advertising options available. When you place an ad on LinkedIn, you can be highly targeted to whom you want to expose to your content, including:

  • Specific companies
  • Industries
  • Company size
  • Job titles
  • Job function
  • Seniority level
  • Location
  • Age
  • Education level
  • Schools attended
  • LinkedIn groups
  • Skills
  • Field of study

This targeting means you are not guessing at interests, and who might be the decision makers or influencers in your market. If you know your target companies, the roles, and seniority of the decision makers in the company, you can get your message in front of them.

Reason #5: It can Improve your Search Rankings and Visibility

One of the major draws to social media for many businesses is the impact on search engine optimization or SEO. When you have a well-optimized business page, you increase the real estate you can occupy in search results.

It is always faster to gain search visibility using a platform like LinkedIn that is already recognized as an authority by the search engines.

The first place you will see an impact in your SEO is in branded search terms. When someone searches for your company name, not only will your website come up high on the first page, but your LinkedIn page should as well.

If you are updating frequently, you will also find you are driving more visibility in non-branded searches. When you publish content that is naturally rich in the keywords that you are targeting, you increase the relevance of your business page in search results, increasing the real estate you occupy.

Reason #6: You can Find Great Talent to Grow your Business

One of the most challenging parts of running any business is recruiting the right talent to join your team. You can post ads in job boards, use recruiters and try to get referrals from current team members or people you know; however, all of those methods come short of allowing you to really get a good sense of what someone knows and can contribute to you team, especially outside the strict guise of their job description.

With LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to not only see their resume, but you can see content they are publishing and see if they are contributing to industry discussions. This allows you to see if the person is merely interested in punching a clock or if they are interested in being a thought leader.

With a LinkedIn company page, you have the opportunity to post openings through posts on your page, by getting recommendations from current employees, as well as through paid job posts. There is a robust recruiting tool available in LinkedIn that allows you to easily conduct some references in addition to seeing how your prospect is contributing to the industry.

Best Practices for Businesses when Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Create a Business Page and Include All Details
  2. Upload your Logo
  3. Publish Content Regularly
  4. Engage with your Audience
  5. Get Insights and Review your Approach
  6. Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page for SEO
  7. Include Link to LinkedIn Company Page on your Website
  8. Try LinkedIn Publishing Platform and LinkedIn Ads
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