Indian startup launches messaging app

Namaste Online offers Indian social media users a multifunctional, homegrown messaging app


Along with recently celebrating the 72nd anniversary of its independence, India is now also home to its very own messaging app, Namaste Chat, which has been created by developers based in the country.

Indian startup company Namaste Online has launched its messaging app, Namaste Chat, which includes a number of features such as VAPOR Chat which deletes messages once the receiver has read them. Additionally, the app enables users to access news and entertainment within the app, as well as create group chats for up to 5,000 people.

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The development of the app was encouraged by the Indian government's 'Make in India' initiative, which aims to position the country as a global manufacturing hub for both multinational and domestic companies. The app's developers have lofty ambitions for Namaste Chat, which they hope will become the leading messaging platform within the Indian market.

According to Statistics Portal, the potential domestic customer base for Namaste Chat is huge, with approximately 258.27 million social media users set to be online in India by 2019.


Written by Innovation Enterprise Digital Content Editor, Simorin Pinto

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