Increasing Brand Potential with Customer Engagement

How can analytics help you improve customer engagement?


The use of analytics now goes beyond simply looking at transactional data.

This is to say that it is no longer simply looking at what people click on and the transactions that take place. Analytics has now allowed us to go much deeper and focus on what they are doing, why they are doing it and their feelings whilst it is taking place.

One of the key ways that this has manifested itself is through the use of sentiment analysis and text analysis of reviews or even through the way a company is discussed on social media.

Although to some this may sound invasive (a little bit like reading a loved ones text messages) in reality it simply allows companies to create experiences tailored for the customer that incorporates what they want to see, into creating a better brand image by companies doing it.

It goes beyond simply knowing what people want and exploiting it for commercial gain too.

Through using these techniques it is possible for companies to improve their relationship with their customers and thus improve their overall brand image.

At present the area where this is most important is certainly within the social media space. The importance of analytics in brand perception regarding this cannot be overstated, with millions of people tweeting about certain companies every day.

Time is of the essence when dealing with negativity on social media networks as serious complaints can quickly snowball to become full blown scandals. Rectifying the situation is normally easy enough by simply communicating with the people involved and making sure their concerns are dealt with effectively.

When there are millions of people tweeting about the same company, there needs to be a filter that allows for those in charge to know which ones need to be responded to. Analytics allows people to do this filtering, either through specific keywords to look out for or general sentiment expressed towards the company.

Through this method we have seen companies improve their brand message, increase their relationships with customers and improve their perception across their entire company base. This kind of technique is relevant not only for social media, but has been used effectively when monitoring reviews, how they are discussed on websites or even just how people are scrolling through their web pages. 


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