IBM to kill off Watson Workspace

A leaked memo has revealed that IBM is planning to end its Watson Workspace platform after it failed to resonate with clients


According to a leaked internal memo, IBM is preparing to kill off its AI collaboration tool Watson Workspace at the end of February due to low customer demand.

The platform, released in its beta back in 2016, was created to host shared workspaces, collaborations and third-party apps and was essentially the legacy tech giant's answer to Slack. However, according the memo, seen by The Register, it failed to resonate with clients.

"While there is no question that Watson Workspace is innovative and agile, it hasn't resonated with clients or obtained traction in the marketplace necessary for IBM to continue forward with the service," the memo stated.

"Despite our best efforts and enthusiasm for these offerings, our decision to withdraw them aligns to IBM's investment strategy, focused on delivering solutions that deliver measurable value to our customers and business partners," it concluded.

To this end, IBM has stopped taking new orders for Watson Workspace and will not be adding any additional features. The memo also noted that the company is working with business partners to create options for handling subscriptions and contracts when the platform is finally put to rest.

Business clients already using the service will now see a banner in the user interface providing a timeline for moving off the service.

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