IBM releases a mobile AI toolkit app to drive farm and factory business growth

IBM has announced the global launch of its artificial intelligence technology application for a number of industries


IBM has announced the global release of its AI-powered agriculture system, the Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture which aims to provide tailor-made solutions for selected industries via a mobile app.

The Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture is aimed at agriculture, customer service, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, building management, automotive, marketing, and advertising sectors. Within the agriculture industry, farmers will be able to use the app to detect pest and disease damage or forecast weather to improve decision-making.

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In a blog post, IBM's VP of Watson Media and Weather group said, "This new platform is an innovation that draws upon IBM’s most advanced capabilities in AI, analytics, IoT, cloud, and weather to create a suite of solutions that span the farm-to-fork ecosystem."

The platform integrates data from various sources such as weather data, IoT enabled tractors and irrigators and satellite imagery and uses it to offer predictive insights through a mobile application.

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IBM's VP of cognitive solutions, David Kenny said, "as data flows continue to increase, people are overwhelmed by the amount of information we have to act on every day, but luckily the information explosion coincides with another key technological advance: artificial intelligence.

"AI is the tool professionals need to take advantage of the data that's now at our fingertips and tailoring general AI for specific industries and professions is a critical way to enable everyone to reach new potential in their daily jobs," he added.

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