IBM launches new blockchain security testing service

IBM Security's team of security experts, X-Force Red, has been deployed to roll out the new service which will evaluate backend processes and manage blockchain networks


X-Force Red, IBM Security's team of security experts, has announced a new blockchain testing service aimed at helping to identify weaknesses and strengthen the security of solutions utilizing the technology.

The service will leverage the expertise of X-Force Red penetration testers and will evaluate the backend processes that are used to manage blockchain networks in addition to the actual ledger environment.

"While blockchain is a breakthrough for protecting the integrity of data, that does not mean the solutions that leverage it are immune from attackers, which is why security testing is essential during development and after deployment," remarked Charles Henderson, global head of IBM X-Force Red.

"If we look at mobile applications, cloud computing and even personal computers – all these innovations needed to adopt policies and techniques for security after they grew in popularity. Blockchain presents businesses with an opportunity to break that trend," he added.

According to an IDC report, spending on blockchain will reach $9.7bn by 2021. The service is the latest in a number of investments IBM has made in the burgeoning technology as the legacy tech giant sets its sights on being the global leader in blockchain. The company has recently collaborated with Ford to use blockchain to trace cobalt mind s in DR Congo as well as using the technology to create a blockchain-enabled transaction management service for oil commodities, to name just a few of its more recent moves.

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