IBM launches new AI training tool to drive workforce transformation

IBM has announced its IBM Talent and Transformation tool in an effort to provide AI educational resources targeted to business and technical professionals


IBM has launched a new AI-powered training tool, IBM Talent and Transformation, to assist in AI innovation within workplaces.

The new tool targets business and technical professionals, ranging from front-line managers to senior executives working in marketing, HR and legal. It will aim to drive workforce transformation and help companies to draw interest and retain a diverse and skilled workforce.

Furthermore, the IBM Talent and Transformation tool will aim to equip professionals with various educational insights into how AI, machine learning and data visualization can help "ensure that businesses make decisions less on "gut" intuition and more on data-driven analytics".

IBM senior VP of global business services Mark Foster said: "As organizations grapple with the dual demands of undertaking digital transformation and reinventing their businesses and processes through the application of new technologies such as AI, automation and blockchain, the biggest barrier to progress will lie in accessing the right talent and skills."

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According to the tech giant, internal HR systems such as the Watson Recruitment tool which analyzes an organizations history to determine success and virtual career coach Watson Career Coach, garnered more than $107m in benefits in 2017 and resulted in enhanced employee and employer satisfaction.

"In the next three years, as many as 120 million workers in the world's 10 largest economies may need to be retrained or reskilled as a result of AI and intelligent automation," IBM reported

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