IBM launches a new multicloud service to streamline workflow

IBM’s new Multicloud Manager will offer an open source technology platform for businesses


IBM has launched its new open technology service Multicloud Manager which aims to simplify and streamline working across cloud computing services and better manage the deployment of apps.

The development of the new service "provides an operations console for companies as they increasingly incorporate public and private cloud capabilities with existing on-premises business systems", IBM said.

The Multicloud Manager will run on the IBM Cloud Private platform which is based on Kubernetes container orchestration technology. IBM defined this platform as "an open-source approach for "wrapping" apps in containers thereby making them easier and cheaper to manage across different cloud environments - from on-premises systems to the public cloud".

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IBM Hybrid Cloud senior VP Arvind Krishna said: "With its open-source approach to managing data and apps across multiple clouds, the IBM Multicloud Manager will position companies to scale their many cloud investments and unleash the full business value of the cloud."

"In doing so, they will move beyond the productivity economics of renting computing power, to fully leveraging the cloud to invent new business processes and enter new markets," Krishna added

According to Roy Illsey from market research firm Ovum, 80% of mission-critical workloads and sensitive data is still run on on-premises business systems and is held back by performance and regulatory requirements issues, which IBM aims to address with its new technology.

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