IBM and Kronos partner to develop AI-enabled HR system

IBM and Kronos announce plans to bring IBM's Watson Career Coach AI platform to Kronos' Workforce Dimensions to improve employee retention


IBM and Kronos, a developer of workforce management software, have announced a partnership to use AI for more effective human resources management.

The two companies plan to bring IBM's Watson Career Coach AI platform to Kronos' workforce management software suite Workforce Dimensions to help improve employee retention, especially for hourly workers who have a significantly higher turnover rate than salaried employees.

Kronos and IBM have said that the custom Watson Career Coach will utilize Workforce Dimensions data to help companies manage their workforce with AI-enabled shift scheduling, training recommendations and coaching.

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Michael May, senior director of Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Program at Kronos, stated that the collaboration "helps employees and managers navigate common but often challenging workforce management situations quickly and more naturally".

"The power of Workforce Dimensions and Kronos D5 combined with the intelligence of IBM Watson allows everyone to work smarter by understanding the intent beyond common time and attendance or scheduling questions, suggesting a path forward for development and mutual success," he added.

Meanwhile, Kronos has unveiled its own AI-enabled platform AI for Managers and Employees (AIMEE) which has been added to the Workforce Dimensions suite.

AIMEE analyzes organizational data in real time to improve overall employee satisfaction and help companies improve retention levels. It predicts flight risk, high-potential employees and worker fatigue while aiding with succession planning and creating personalized schedules for an enhance work life balance. It also flags schedule change conflicts for managers and assesses how they affect KPIs and overall scheduling accuracy.

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