IBM and Edmodo to launch AI powered education platform

New personalized AI educational technology platform will eliminate a one-size-fits all education approach


Edmodo, an educational technology platform, and IBM Watson Education have formed an alliance in order to develop a personalized educational platform, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

IBM Watson's Education platform will rely on AI and digital trends to provide teachers with tailored tools to effectively assist students in reaching their potential and to understand the progression and knowledge of each student.

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Chalapathy Neti, VP of IBM Watson Education, stated: "AI has the potential to help close the learning gap and to equalize opportunity regardless of student-teacher ratio, school budget or lack of resources. All students benefit from an education that is tailored to their strengths and learning patterns.

"With Watson Education and our new collaborations, we are making strides toward creating a more personalized learning experience that is catered to each individual student,” Neti added.

According to a report by Global Market Insights, the use of AI in education is expected to reach a global market value of $6bn over the next six years, with about 20% of growth coming from apps.

Edmodo and IBM Watson aim to develop a platform that identifies resources to fill the existing learning gaps and deliver them to teachers and students in a seamless manner.

The partnership will integrate IBM Watson's Classroom's Cognitive Library service and resources that have been shared on the Edmodo app by educators and students and will notify teachers and students of personalized recommendations for learning resources. Additionally, classes that have adopted the Edmodo app will have access to recommended multimedia content that aligns with the relevant age-group and subject interest of the student. The IBM Watson technology will also be used to create a service that allows teachers utilizing Edmodo to select a learning activity or an assessment based on topic-specific questions.

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