'I See Women As An Underestimated Community That Will Prevail'

We sit down with Huffington Post journalist, Alanah Joseph


Alanah Joseph is a contributor to Black Voices, the Huffington Post, sharing her perspective of feminism.

She has been committed to empowering female communities since the age of 16, when she started her first women's empowerment seminars in her hometown, Oakland, California. She possesses a passion for women's issues and an ever-evolving curiosity, her work challenges perceptions of femininity, beauty, and power.

We sat down with her ahead of her presentation at the Women In Enterprise Summit, taking place in Boston this October 25-26.

Can you tell us a bit about your career so far?

I started working in Women’s Empowerment at age 16, by accident. I’m from Oakland, California, and my community was actively combatting the high prevalence of teen pregnancy, STDs, violence, and prostitution. When I thought of why many of my beautiful peers were finding themselves in self-compromising situations, it seemed clear that the exposure to these ailments was closely tied to a lack of self-worth. I set out to answer one simple question: How can I increase self-love in my community?

It started with a Girls Empowerment Seminar at the Boys & Girls Club of Oakland, and it snowballed from there.

Now, I write and produce content that makes people, specifically women, feel better about who they are. Most call it empowerment, but honestly, my career is centered around experiencing and sharing love, which I think our world desperately needs right now.

Why do you think it’s important to challenge how society views femininity?

The women in my family raised me to believe that femininity is inherently strong. I’ve never felt that I was less capable than any man. In fact, I believed that women were more powerful than men, because we have the same intellectual capabilities combined with the intense power of sensuality and emotional intelligence. Our beauty, strength, and intuition make us undefeatable.

As I became an adult, I began to notice that my thoughts were unconventional. I learned that femininity has been associated with powerlessness. I couldn’t go a day without seeing news on sexual assault, the gender pay gap, or reproductive rights. I fear that overexposure to messages of powerlessness has greatly impacted women’s overall sense of well-being.

I see women as an underestimated community that will prevail. It’s my job to continue to share stories that validate my beliefs on femininity and push our culture to respect and appreciate women as powerful and capable citizens.

What will you be discussing in your presentation?

During my presentation, I will discuss how to create content that empowers women and inspires self-confidence. We will also take a look at how brands, such as Under Armour, Always, and Dove, have contributed to the movement with powerful advertising campaigns, followed by consumer reactions to these campaigns. Finally. I will share my ten-year journey in Women’s Empowerment, and provide the recipe for making another person love themselves more. 

You can hear more from Alanah, along with other leading women in enterprise, at the Women In Enterprise Summit. To register, click here.


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