Hyperledger adds 10 new members

Open-source group's growth continues with the addition of more organization to its growing membership list


Open-source community Hyperledger has added 10 more organizations to its growing global membership.

Hyperledger is an open-source collaborative effort hosted by The Linux Foundation, which itself added 43 new members last month. The organization aims to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies in an open community environment where members can share questions and ideas.

Hyperledger enables and supports organizations in creating industry-specific applications, platforms and hardware systems that support their business transactions through enterprise-grade, open-source distributed ledger frameworks and code bases.

Consensus Datatrust Technology, FRST Corp, Fusion Tech+, Hedera Hashgraph, INBLOCK, RealMarket and Xilinx have all been named among the community's newest members. The open community also welcomes a number of nonprofits, open-source projects and government entities as associate members, among which are University College London, Arizona State University and Portland State University.

Consensus Datatrust Technology chairman Maolu Wang remarked: "We believe that blockchain technology can be used as a link for multiparty data sharing to solve previous business problems by technical means.

"As a member of Hyperledger, we will provide strong technology promotion and product promotion support, and we look forward to making continuous contributions to the community."

Hyperledger Indy and Hyperleger Iroha, two of the community's latest projects, recently hit development milestones which have made them production ready, while more than half of the biggest companies deploying blockchain are doing so on a Hyperledger platform, according to Forbes Blockchain 50 list.

Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf commented: "With four production-ready frameworks and 270 members working to develop and deploy Hyperledger technologies around the world, the rate of adoption and the rise of production systems will only accelerate.

"Our newest members will further fuel this growing community, deployment and development momentum."

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