Huawei requests the FTC's help fighting US ban

Huawei has claimed to have been targeted due to US fears of becoming economically dependent on Chinese hardware


Huawei Technologies has requested a hearing from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) looking into its restricted business opportunities, claiming to have been unfairly targeted by the US government due to national security concerns.

The request is in response to the FCC's efforts to ban US carriers from using federal funds to purchase Huawei networking equipment in July 2018. This restriction followed at least five overt government actions that have cut or stopped US sales of Huawei products since 2010.

"Open competition promotes both innovation and investment," said Huawei in a filing to the trade commission that was also entered into the record at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). "Unfortunately, competition in the US telecommunications market has not been fully open for a long time. Instead, Huawei and certain other foreign entities have faced, and continue to face, regulatory intervention that has inhibited their ability to compete on merit."

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In the filing, Huawei claimed that the national security risk it is accused of presenting"appears in many respects to be economic", accusing the US government of enforcing the ban to avoid becoming overly dependent on Chinese telecom hardware.

Meanwhile, US security officials have cited the ban as being in response to recent Chinese laws, a Communist Party apparatus inside Huawei, and classified information on Chinese clandestine agencies creating security concerns, according to Venturebeat.

The US is not the only country Huawei has faced legal action from, its equipment also banned by the Australian government, with a similar ban in South Korea looking likely.

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