Huawei announces all-time high 2018 smartphone sales

After a rough year of international sanctions and widespread criticism, Huawei has unveiled recording-breaking smartphone sales in 2018


On Christmas day, Huawei announced record sales for 2018, with smartphone shipments that exceeded 200 million units.

In particular, Huawei's nova series, with 65 million units sold, and Honor series, which is the number one selling internet-enabled smartphone in China, were the firm's bestsellers.

In a statement released on December 25, Huawei revealed that its smartphones are used by 500 million individuals in more than 170 countries worldwide. It also noted that shipments had grown from3 million units in 2010 to 200 million units in 2018 – a 66-fold growth.

Its success this year led to it overtaking Apple to become the second largest provider of smartphones in the first half of 2018.

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Huawei's CEO Richard Yu commented: "Looking to the future, Huawei's consumer business will focus on the core concept of "consumer-centric", and will dare to keep innovating, and make every effort to become a pioneer and leader in the next wave of the smartphone revolution, as well as constantly create new value for consumers, let our consumers better enjoy their lives, and truly make Huawei a brand that is beloved by consumers the world over."

Despite the company's success, it has been an incredibly rocky year for Huawei, which has been marred with controversy for some time now. In August, the Trump administration signed a bill banning its government from using of any Huawei products and has gone on to aggressively campaign for its allies to do the same. Australia, New Zealand and Japan have all banned Huawei as a wireless network provider and other countries such as the UK and Canada are considering doing the same.

Recently, the controversy took an even more dramatic turn when Huawei's CFO was arrested in Canada under suspicion of violating US sanctions against Iran.

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