HR Processes To Automate In 2017

It is the best of times for HR professionals to enjoy the benefits of technology


As the digital revolution continues to pick up pace in the HR industry, there are greater expectations placed on employers to streamline internal processes. Employees and candidates are used to carrying out their day to day tasks on their mobile and are beginning to expect the same capabilities in the office. They want things to be integrated, fast, and easy and can’t understand why anyone would cling to the paper-based processes of the past. If you want to attract and retain the next generation, you have to be just as innovative and adaptable as they are. Automating processes is a great starting point to get your business moving into the future.

Document signing

HR departments are notorious for the amount of paperwork they produce – but new electronic signing tools are changing the way we do business and are great for any HR Department looking to streamline some of the paper-heavy processes. From contracts to onboarding documents and reviews, any document can now be signed electronically, eliminating the hassle of having to get the employee, their manager, and HR to physically sign the document and saving you time and effort.

The latest technology allows for access to documents via a secure email link from any location and tracks the metadata behind a signature to provide evidence of IP address, date, time, and location. This not only saves on paper, printing, and courier costs but allows for more efficient and secure completion of documents.

Background checks

Pre-employment screening is a vital step in the hiring process for any business and many companies conduct multiple checks to verify a candidate's background. The 2016 PwC Global Economic Crime Survey found that almost 50% of economic crime is committed by internal parties. So one of the most important checks is fast becoming a police check as more and more companies begin to understand the importance of conducting due diligence in the hiring process.

Performing a National Police Check can be a time-consuming process if you haven't automated it through an ACIC accredited provider. Hiring turnaround time is swift for many businesses and you don't want to be held up by a slow provider who still uses manual processes. Make sure you partner with a provider who can streamline the process for you and your candidates and provide a seamless user experience to get the results you need in the fastest time.

Employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement has become an important internal barometer for many organizations as they begin to better understand the power of truly engaged staff. Employee engagement surveys are now a regular practice in many businesses and are often conducted a few times per year.

Putting into place an automated online survey allows for easier completion by employees and more sophisticated tracking abilities. Survey responses can be easily analyzed to spot trends over time and gain insights into shifting attitudes and perceptions within your organization.

These are just of the few processes that HR teams can start moving online in 2017. Automating processes will not only save you time and paper but allow you to truly focus on people issues.


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