How Your Content Marketing And SEO Strategy Should Complement One Another

SEO and content marketing should be closely linked


The worlds of SEO and content marketing were not always as involved with one another. The saturation of the consumer when it comes to content has forced SEO companies to invest more time and effort into content creation. The clickbait that once worked will not work as well due to people being able to tell that an article will be generic and boring like its title. The best content garners the most traffic and thus can help immensely when it comes to search engine rankings. The following are tips to make your content marketing strategy and SEO complement one another.

Content Should Be SEO Friendly

The content team and the SEO team should be in contact with one another so they can optimize their strategies. The SEO team can help pinpoint which keywords they need to focus on in order to get an edge on the competition. Once this has been done the content team can generate great ideas in order to incorporate a keyword and link naturally. Then the question becomes whether to publish it on the company blog or contribute it elsewhere to maximize exposure. Great content will be accepted by a majority of publishers if you promise to contribute consistently.

Use Your Blog As a Resource

Too many companies use their blog as a way to advertise, thinking people want to visit their blog to be sold something. Most people visit the blog of a company to learn about the company as well as learn about the things that they do or manufacture. For example, a company that specializes in loans for businesses might have a resource on business financing. Informed customers are the easiest to work with as they understand processes and know how they want to work with a business. Client education is extremely important so that the client can see the benefits of working together rather than relying on a gut feeling.

Finding What Works and Has Best ROI

The most important thing that the SEO team and content team can do is to figure out what type of posts are bringing in the most traffic. This can be done through social media mentions and through Google Analytics. The type of content that has the best ROI could be blog posts yet in another industry video could be king. Trying different types of content, for this reason, is extremely important as you could reach a completely new demographic. What the team can also do is set their best posts up for publication on days where website traffic is high. A weekly column can bring repeat readers to the site week after week. Reader loyalty can turn a company blog into a thought leader in an industry which is invaluable to a brand as well as the company staff.

As you can see it is going to take quite a bit of collaboration in order to maximize the results of both the content marketing campaign and SEO. These teams do not always collaborate in the friendliest way so it is important to stress bonding between the departments as they will be working together frequently.


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