Three SEO link building tactics to boost your website ranking

Maintaining good SEO practices is crucial to bringing traffic to your webpage and link building should be one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy


While getting your business website up to the top of Google and Bing remains your primary objective for customers to find you, there are so many other channels out there for bringing traffic to you that only work if you have links to your website.

Link building is still a huge part of a good SEO strategy, but it also serves to bring more credibility to your website if you have other people linking to you. You can create your own links, but it's not just as simple as splashing your website URL here or there. There are different kinds of links that can serve different purposes, and different link building services can employ different tactics. But you always want the links to appear as natural and organic as possible to give your business legitimacy online.

As such, here are three ways you can introduce link building into your SEO strategy.

Build links through a blog post

One of the oldest but still most effective ways to keep links flowing to your website is to use blog posts to do so.

Now you don't want blog posts that simply promote your website and look like just an expanded advertising service. What you want is to offer useful information and tips dealing with needs your customers might have and what they should do about them. You can then bring your website link up in a non-promotional way at the end simply as mentioning your business as one company that offers the kind of services a customer would be looking for.

You should also make sure that the blog has a creative and unique domain name and that it appears professional and rich with content. Some news websites even allow guest blogging which could allow you to mention your website.

Use YouTube to build links

You really cannot mention link building nowadays without mentioning YouTube because videos and visuals add so much to the customer experience and give them a chance to see demonstrations of your products or get a tour of your facility. But what you should also know is that Google often shows YouTube videos very high in their search results, so you'd be well served to use it to your advantage for linking your website and getting your name out there. You can follow the steps listed here to make sure your YouTube channel and videos are pointing to your website whenever they're posted and there are also tools to use for having your logo or link placed within the video itself.

Contact Webmasters if you find dead links that your website link could replace

One way you can help improve both your website's external link ranking as well as the rankings for other website owners is if you've found dead links to websites that no longer exist or no longer offer the services mentioned. Dead links can hurt website rankings, so if you contact the website owner and are able to get the dead link replaced by your website, you can be doing the both of you favor. You just need to make sure your website complements the content pointing towards the broken link.

There are many other resources you can use to build links such as social media campaigns, PTC advertising and even different SEO or CRM software. But you still need to read up on SEO methods and make sure you're using updated link building methods because most search engines today are utilizing AI and advanced analytics to make sure links appear legitimate and aren't using spam methods. You can even use free tools from search engines like Google to measure the effectiveness of links to see if your traffic is coming and buying.

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