Improve your IT operations with the IoT

Equipping your business with the digital tools it needs to thrive shouldn't be a nightmare. Here's everything you need to know about improving your IT operations with the IoT


Streamlining your IT operations is an excellent goal for any business, largely because you can save tremendous amounts of money by avoiding wasteful spending and can supercharge your workers with the tech-savviness they need to succeed in the 21st century by making the right choices. Yet many entrepreneurs are refusing to invest in digital technology because they feel like they're in over their heads, in particular one of the most helpful innovations of our time: The Internet of Things (IoT).

Equipping your business with the digital tools it needs to thrive shouldn't be a nightmare. Here's everything you need to know about improving your IT operations with the magic of the IoT.

Integrating your IT team

If you really want an IT team that's capable of tackling any challenge a 21st century market may throw at your business, you'll need to begin integrating your network into the ever-growing IoT as soon as possible. In this day and age, it's effectively impossible to avoid plugging your company into the grid if you want to succeed, so it's imperative to embrace integration into the IoT with gusto rather than trying to cling to a long-gone past. The first step you should take is bringing the right talent onto your IT team, as your workers will need industry-specific expertise when it comes to the IoT if you want to see any long-term success.

Absolutely every member of your team is critical for IoT implementation – from your company president down to the latest intern you hired, every member of the team needs to be fully briefed on the IoT so that they have a coherent understanding of what it is and why it's good for your business. As countless industry experts have proven time and time again, a bottom-up approach to IoT implementation will help you avoid bottlenecking things at the top, which will ultimately handicap your business' ability to thrive in a digital environment.

Start by asking how your everyday employees can become more interconnected if you really want to up your IT operations: Consider supplying company smartphones if you haven't already, for instance, as these not only bolster productivity but can produce a slew of useful data that your company can use to make its workers more efficient than ever before. Similarly, don't shirk when it comes to continuously investing in digital training regimes. As costly as continuous training can be, the ever-changing nature of technology and the IoT demands your team is constantly learning and re-learning new topics to stay afloat in a turbulent market.

One thing you desperately need to do is run an internal audit to determine how many unsanctioned devices are on your network. Employees bring digital devices into their offices all the time these days, sometimes without even knowing it themselves. Figure out how to determine what's lurking on your network and you'll be ready for any unpleasant surprises before they surface.

Making a modern office

To really bolster your IT operations with the power of the IoT, officially endeavor to make your office as modern a workspace as possible. Digital devices like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home are more than entertainment pieces now, businesses can use them to refill their inventory or make general inquiries that help workers achieve more. If you haven't considered bringing in a digital assistant, consider asking your IT team what kind of gadgets they'd like to see added to the office over the next few months.

It's imperative to remember security regimes, too. An interconnected office can be a vulnerable one, so make sure your IT team is constantly running audits of your security system to ensure your company's data integrity.

Finally, don't be afraid to turn to the world abroad. The entire point of the IoT is that it can connect anyone, anywhere, to anyone else. Given that this is the case, it's only natural that your business shouldn't be afraid to rely on international expertise when it comes to the IoT and general IT affairs. Gartner's insight into how to lead in an interconnected economy continuously reminds business owners that foreign expertise or partnerships can oftentimes be the hidden key to success that will take your company to the big leagues.

Improving your IT operations can be a costly initiative and the dizzying nature of the IoT makes it a monstrously complex thing to understand, even on a good day. Nonetheless, harnessing the power of the IoT is essential toward success if you really want to be a digital hard-hitter in the modern economy. Far too often, businesses reject new developments because they're costly or simply unnerving but running from the future is not a long-term business solution. Don't be afraid of the new norm of interconnectedness, but rather embrace it, and your IT operations will be thriving in no time.

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