How Top Brands Boost Their Social Media Engagement

Social media presence is vital to the top brands


The days of focusing on the number of followers on social media are long gone. Today, user engagement is considered far more valuable than the sheer number of followers. This is also the reason why the best brands and businesses are now investing more in valuable content; content that users actually love tends to arouse more engagement on social media.

There are some simple ways to boost user engagement, especially if you already have a strong group of followers. We are going to review some of the approaches used by the most successful brands and market leaders right here in this article.

A Strong Call to Action

The simplest and most straightforward way to garner user engagement is (still) by using a strong call to action. If you want users to participate in a poll, ask them to give their opinions. If you need users to provide suggestions on the upcoming product or a website redesign project you’re trying to complete, then ask questions and provide users with the opportunity to respond.

This approach can be implemented on any social media platform. It is also worth noting that responding to users will also increase the chances of them engaging with your social media posts in the future. Users love getting brands’ attention; they love it even more when their suggestions and inputs are actually implemented.

The same call to action can be added to your video marketing and general content. At the end of a YouTube video, leave a few seconds and take advantage of YouTube’s cards and annotations to persuade users to subscribe or watch other videos you have on your channel. A careful implementation of strong calls to action will make a big difference.

Collaborate with Other Brands

Another interesting way to boost user engagement is by working together with other brands. McDonalds and Wendy’s, for example, are famous for their Twitter conversations. The conversations may appear to be an exchange of banter, but they work really well in getting users to pitch in and respond.

Other brands are taking advantage of cross promotion and social media conversations as well. DBrands, a famous manufacturer of smartphone and gadget skins, actively engages Twitter influencers in conversations. They exchange tweets with the likes of MKBHD and TLD Today to widen their reach and arouse user responses.

Be Funny. Be Interesting.

We can’t negate the fact that content is still at the heart of every social media campaign. A good array of content can easily get users talking about it as well as your brand. Certain brands under 89 Degrees Consulting, including Jeep and IKEA, have been running a series of funny campaigns that work really well in getting other social media users involved. In fact, this approach is among the most effective on the market according to Phil Hussey, the genius behind 89 Degrees Consulting.

A funny meme that incorporates your product subtly, for instance, can quickly become viral and garner a lot of interest. People love responding to funny memes and videos, which is why this type of content works really well not just for attracting attention, but also for persuading users to respond, share, and sound their thoughts. Combined with the previous strategies we’ve covered in this article, boosting social media engagement should not be a problem.


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