How To Write Blog Posts That People Want To Read

Strategies to increase readership for your blog posts


Chances are that your blog is a part of a larger scheme of digital marketing. Whether you want to expand a marketable base of readers and subscribers, crawl up on Google search result pages, boost organic website traffic, or maintain your clout in your niche, you will need to create blog posts that more and more people want to read. In this guide, I will tell you the HOW of it all.

Keep it Real

I mean ‘original’. Before anything, ask yourself – when was the last time you saw an Ezine article in top 5 Google results for a hot keyword? Google’s algorithms are increasingly aligning to what people want to read, and as a result, unoriginal content is being pushed further in the rankings. Google algorithm updates keep on penalizing content farms, and keep on relegating duplicate and unoriginal content in search ranks. Don’t even attempt being successful just by copying the ideas that are already gaining traction on the web. Forget obsolete strategies such as:

● Using bots to scrape and piece together content from different sources,

● Paying pennies for content to an inexperienced and under-qualified writer,

● Re-writing what the authoritative bloggers have to say

Instead, follow influencers, read and research their content and ideas, connect the dots, and weave some original content. Social CrawlyticsContent Explorer, and AllTops are some of the dependable content research platforms that should be on your bookmarks list.

Get the Headline Right

A CopyBlogger research found that for a blog post that gets 20 readers, there are 80 people who at least look at the headline. Imagine how significantly you can boost readership by funneling headline views into the content underneath. As a rule, make sure your blog post heading is not ordinary, predictable, overly descriptive, and bland. Unless you’re operating in a highly niche space, there will always be similar articles in search engine results that show your links. To differentiate, use one or more of these tips:

● Say More Using Fewer Words

● Crete the Desire To Read Further

● Pique the Curiosity of the Reader

● Promise A Positive Outcome

● Use a Mix of Common and Uncommon Words to Maintain Readability

● Use Emotional and Power Words to Drive Interest

Tip: Use a free tool (CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is pretty good) to evaluate your post headlines.

This tool evaluates post titles on several parameters; just key in your heading, and it’s done. I did a little competition among three seemingly well-suited blog titles for this post, only to realize that one of them was much better than the others.

Understand Elements That Enable Wide Readership

Here are some obvious but often ignored enablers of success for blog posts; remember to get these boxes ticked before you publish it.

● Positive: Probably you’ve checked it already – Buzzfeed’s post titled “21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity” became a rage the moment it went live. The reason – it promises, and then delivers a dose of positive energy.

● Relevant to Masses: Pure mathematics here, no rocket science.

● Easy to Read: People will read to the end, and won’t think twice before sharing it with their friends.

● Share-worthy: A list of hard-to-find resources, a well placed ‘Share’ button, or pure wit and humor – keep improving and experimenting.

● Actionable: If it’s a walkthrough, tutorial, or guide, make it as actionable as possible.

Give Answers, and Give them Quick

Behind every Google search query, behind every article that’s ever read, behind every click on ‘Read more’ buttons is the desire to find the answer to a question. People want to read blog posts that give clear answers, and people absolutely love blog posts that give quick answers. To make your blog posts better, adopt these tips:

● Promise them the answer in the intro of your post

● Make the content easy to scan

● Use bullets, short paragraphs and subheadings, and smart typography to highlight key points

● Give directional cues to point the reader to what he/she wants

● Re-iterate the answer before you close the post, to make sure the point is driven home

Other Dependable Tips to Help You Get More Readership

When stuck with writer’s block, or when you’re unable to find great topics, go through your blog archives and pick up a good article. Choose a new audience, adjust the time frame of the idea, take an opposing approach and research, change the scope of the topic, or just add latest information. This helps you build on blog posts that have already worked in the past.

Optimize your blog post with on-page SEO by working on the meta-description, title, anchor text, and mobile readiness of the page. Experiment with newer content formats, such as Slideshare presentation posts, podcasts, webinars, curated collections, etc.

Final Thoughts

So you want more readerships for your blog posts. Well, everybody does! So, adopt the tips and suggestions shared above before your competitors do the same and neutralize your advantage. 

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