How To Win At Black Friday

We look at how data can help you get the best deals


Black Friday is one of the most intense shopping experiences many will ever go through. Watching people fight over discount televisions like polar bears over fish, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you're watching the end times for civilization. And maybe you are. 

There's loads of cheap stuff though, and data analytics could help provide you with some tips in your shopping adventures. We've looked at some of the highlights from the Adobe Digital Index report, which this year examined 55 million products from 4,500 retailers stretching back to 2008, analyzing aggregated data from more than 1 trillion visits their websites over the time period.

1. Thanksgiving offers the best prices, then Black Friday

2. Display ads and social media are the best place to find discounts of 10% or more

3 ... while search engines are the worst place to find them

4. Shipping is cheapest on Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday

5.  Thanksgiving is the best day to buy jewelry, with average discounts of 20% and 25%

6. Start shopping early for toys, as those in demand sell out, with out of stock incidence increasing by a factor of 3 on Black Friday

7. Don't focus on clothes, as the discounts continue through the season

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