​How To Use Video To Grow Your Email List

Effective strategies to gain more email subscribers using videos


Video content has taken the Internet marketing world by storm. Cisco has predicted that by 2019, 80% of global web traffic will be made up of video. Nikola Mendelsohn, VP for Facebook, recently talked about the fact that in merely five years from now, your entire Facebook feed would consist of purely video content. Apart from engaging users with your brand, video goes a long way in helping you build your email lists. Here’s a guide to help you nurture leads like a master, using video.

Videos With Opt-In Forms

Yes, that’s possible. The ability to plant opt-in forms directly into video playback helps marketers convert video views into subscriptions. I recommend Wistia, a power-packed video marketing platform:

- When any of your videos is played, it will pause at a moment, prompting users to fill in a form to continue watching.

- This opt-in form, called turnstile, offers an immediate, convenient, and highly contextualized incentive for viewers to quickly enter their emails, and enjoy the complete video.

- Here’s how a Wistia turnstile looks like:

- Wistia offers you many video management and marketing features including customizable video player, analytics, and in-depth video creation guides.

- Here’s a bar graph to help you decide on the best positioning of the turnstile in your videos.

YouTube’s Lead Nurturing Tools

To convert more video views into subscriptions, brands need to think about their overall lead generation marketing, rather than only focus on the final step of pitching their call to action to the viewer. YouTube has in-built tools to help marketers nurture more leads via video content. For this, you will need a short URL for your landing pages, where users would fill in their email addresses to get access to your premium video content. Here’s what you can do:

- Add a call to action, motivating users to visit the landing page for more/complete video content.

- Make sure you keep the link right into the first sentence of your call to action, to ensure it’s visible without the users having to click on, as done in this example.

Use YouTube video cards (interactive panels that slide in during video playback), with a clickbait title and a link to your video content landing pages; here’s a lovely example of a card in action.

Use YouTube video annotations, which are interactive pop-ups whose size, color, and positioning can be customized, show a CTA and a clickable link.

Use annotations to supplement cards; users can turn them off from their YouTube settings, so you can’t completely rely on them.

Note: Just like YouTube, other social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat offer you built-in video marketing features that enable you to nudge viewers towards your landing pages.

Leverage Existing Email List And Video Content For More Traction

Make the most of your email subscribers. If you could get 10% of them to share your branded emails with their contacts, your email lists could grow very quickly. Emails get shared more often than you think! For this, you need to make your email content irresistible. Adding videos into it can work like magic.

Add video content to your email, with a CTA along the lines of, 'Know somebody who can benefit from this video? Share it!" Make sure you add a prominent CTA button so that anybody who gets the forwarded email has a clear indicator of what action to take if they are interested.

Offer Insightful Video Content

Video content helps you engage customers like nothing else. Here are some tactics:

- Research on the most popular ‘how to’ topics relevant to your niche by searching through Q&A websites like Quora.

- Look through the most popular YouTube videos on the topic and extract the best ideas

- Choose your video’s presentation format - interview with an expert, enactment of a scene, or a guided tutorial. for instance

- Use tools like Animoto to convert your static multimedia content into videos.

- Post teasers on all your video sharing accounts, right from YouTube to Pinterest

- Create a landing page, asking users to share their email to get the full video access

- Remember the best practices of generating leads from landing pages by keeping them clutter free and using directional cues to point to the CTA button.

Concluding Remarks

Email lists, for a long time, have been the cornerstone of digital marketing for businesses and brands. You are already late if you’ve not started leveraging video for your email list building efforts.

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