How to stop a hurricane

AKA prepare for your travels and be safe


I came across some of the ordinary thoughts on how to subdue a hurricane activity, entertaining ideas like injecting smoke into the lower regions of a hurricane, which would start a chain reaction to subsequently decrease the wind speeds.

Another very unconventional idea suggests that dropping a nuclear bomb into the eye of the hurricane would heat the air which would in turn help to avoid the risk of this natural disaster. You can read about similar ideas on this post:

There are natural disasters like typhoons, tsunamis or floods that we all might worry about, especially when travelling or planning our travels. Both business and leisure.

The threat of terrorist attacks occupies the minds of some of us as well, when contemplating our next trip. Proof of that are significant changes in holiday spots being visited this year. Countries with higher risk of terrorist activity, mainly in some of the states in the Middle East or Northern Africa unfortunately welcomed less visitors this summer as opposed to Croatia, for example, being perceived as safe in general.

Now, time for a constructive approach:

Would it be helpful to receive real time alerts and warnings about the above and other risks, like travel delays and civil unrest at your travel destinations? I believe so. Especially, when you can get these alerts on your mobile phone and can take immediate action, connect with your employer or family with a click of a button and prevent potentially dangerous situation.

In relation to the above, I came across an interesting technology solution which provides practical answers to these issues:, including timely information and protection of employees travelling to unfamiliar environments.

I hope this is useful – please share your thoughts.

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