How To Spread Analytics Insight Throughout Your Company?

What is the best way to achieve a data driven workforce?


Today’s workforce are at a turning point. The baby boomer generation are retiring and the gut feeling that many businesses were founded on is making way for more data driven approaches.

This means more accuracy in decisions and a more dynamic and flexible approach to change within companies. The implications of which is increased efficiency and hopefully the ability to avoid the kind of financial meltdown that many companies experienced in the late 2000’s.

It sounds ideal, but often problems arise not with the technology surrounding this move, but with the ability of many members of staff to adopt this new approach.

Having worked within a certain atmosphere and in a certain way, getting them to change the very core of how they react is going to be difficult. It is also not a carrot or stick approach, they need to be shown the benefits and marry into the idea.

This requires a wholesale change in mindset away from ‘I feel’ to ‘I see’ it is not a simple move to make.

One of the main reasons for this is simply due to people being proud of their instincts, especially if they feel that it has been built up over years of experience.

The truth behind this is that there needs to be innovation and a certain amount of gut feeling, as if this was not the case then the experiments that needed to be undertaken and measured, would not be as positive as they could be.

A shift like this requires an understanding that the change is not easy for everybody. It is often the case that people need to be shown the benefits themselves rather than being forced to accept them. This certainly takes more time than simply forcing people to change to new systems and alter the way they work.

The payoff from having a team of people who are genuinely supportive of the new system however, is worth the difficulties in bringing people round. 

Therefore, ultimately the best way to get people on-side with adopting this new approach, is not necessarily to force it on them, instead let them find the benefits of using it, be this through commissions increasing or workflow improving. It is essential that they support this move and that they come to this conclusion in their own minds, rather than trying to force it. 


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