How To Set Up Grouped Products In Magento 2

Step by step guide on setting Grouped Products in Magento 2


If you have some experience in buying things online, you’ve probably noticed that some products are often sold in a bundle with their complementaries. It might indeed make a lot of sense to buy a bottle of shampoo with a shower gel because it is a more convenient and often cheaper option of using those products together.

Product bundling has its own benefits for both companies and their customers. The former will be able to sell some additional products to a single customer. The latter will likely be spending less time searching for multiple complementary products he/she used to buy separately.

The default Magento 2 functionality offers you an option of arranging different product within a group and displaying them on a single product page. Before going into greater detail on how to set grouped products in Magento 2, we want you to keep in mind that:

1. To create a product group, you should add products to a group one by one, label them as being 'In Stock' and define their number in the inventory;

2. All the grouped products will be displayed separately within the customer’s shopping cart. Your customers will have an option to remove a specific product they don’t want to purchase;

3. The total price of a bundle will represent a sum of the individual product prices. There is no way to define a single, i.e. an independent price for a whole product group.

How to set up Grouped Products in Magento 2

This section is going to give you a step by step guide on how to arrange different products into a single group. To do this:

1. Login into your Magento 2 account;

2. Go to 'Catalog'-->'Products';

3. Hit the 'Add Product' button located in the upper right corner and select Grouped Products;

4. Fill in the necessary details of your product group and choose an appropriate group name. The latter should be short yet descriptive enough in order for your customers to get a clear idea about its content;

5. Once you’re done with setting your new product group, it’s time to fill it in with the actual products from your inventory. To do this, you’ll need to click the 'Add Products to Group' button;

6. Select the products you would like to add to the group and end the operation by clicking the 'Add Products' button;

7. After that, go on and select the default quantity of each product which will be prefilled by default every time a user visits a particular product page. Once you’re done, don’t forget to hit the 'Save' button;

8. Include some images of your product group so as to make it more attractive to the potential customers.


Introducing grouped products on your site will provide clients with a convenient opportunity to buy more products at once. Store owners on the other side will benefit from increased sales and better product visibility. 

If you want to use some advanced features of the Grouped Products in Magento 2 such as letting customers choose their unique custom options, showing/hiding the short description of the associated products or displaying a total amount of selected products, take a look at some of the Magento 2 Grouped Product options extensions that are currently available on the Internet.


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