How To Maximise Your Remarketing ROI On Facebook

A simple method for getting the best ROI from your Facebook re-marketing


Facebook has become a key player in the world of driving e-commerce sales and it’s no surprises their year-on-year ad revenue is growing off the charts.

Facebook can deliver excellent ROI and in this article, I’m going to show you a simple method for how you can get the best ROI from your re-marketing.

To be clear, we’re talking about website re-marketing. For those that don’t know this simply means when I come to your website and look at products, you can then show me those products on Facebook. You are RE-MARKETING to me. Simple.

Let’s suppose you have 50 products or more on your e-commerce website. You get a few thousand hits a month, you’re probably doing well at Adwords, your SEO is on point and you want to tap into the juggernaut that is Facebook. Where to start?

Step One, I like to call ABR.

Always Be Re-Marketing!

You’ve got traffic, now let’s put some ads in place and sweep up those extra sales that are currently being left behind.

We’re going to be using something called Facebook Dynamic Ads.

These ads will be your best performing ads. They will get the majority of sales, the biggest ROI and you will personally want to thank me for introducing you to them. To give you an insight into potential ROI here is a campaign that used Dynamic Ads:

Great results I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, let’s have a look at how you achieve results like these.

First up, what is a dynamic ad?

Let’s suppose you go on Amazon and you look at a watch, a shirt and some new trousers (you’re heading out for the weekend and want to look Jazzy!).

You pick your products, you add them to the basket, then… You leave Amazon.

When you go back on Facebook that very same watch, shirt and trousers appear in an advert in your newsfeed.

It’s not magic. It’s a Dynamic Ad and they are a very powerful tool to have in your marketing arsenal.

That advert was DYNAMICALLY made specifically for you.

These are the highest converting ads on Facebook and you will win the ROI game if you implement them.

Here is a quick how-to for getting these setup (which you should do right away!):

You need something called a Product Feed. A Product Feed is basically an XML file that sits on your website that gets updated automatically when you have new products, sell products etc – It’s a living thing!

It tells us everything about your products – Names, Descriptions, Prices, Delivery, Number in Stock, Colours etc. It’s basically a dump of all the needed info.

We then give this Product feed link to Facebook and they pull through all your products into their system.

Once this is done you can then create some new adverts using your new product feed.


For this to happen you need to have a Facebook pixel on your website. This is basically just a snippet of code, a bit like a Google Analytics piece of code. Facebook will use your pixel along with something called Event Tracking to know exactly what pages people have visited on your website.

Once they get this information they will know which products to pull from your product feed to place in the ads.

In terms of Ad Creative (i.e. how it will look in someone’s newsfeed) you can either have a carousel ad format, which looks like this:

Or you can have a single image format, which looks like this:

Both work very well.

Hope you enjoyed this article… now go; you have dynamic ads to set up!


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