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Tips to marketing yourself online


One of the toughest jobs in the world is marketing yourself and your business. You need to do a ton of research, look at your specific niche and see what your competition is doing, and then ultimately combine everything you learned into an effective marketing campaign. What doesn’t help is a string of strategies that are mediocre at best. If you coordinate your efforts and focus on only a few specific areas to market yourself, you’ll come out on top and end up selling more or getting more traffic.

It is likely that you already have a marketing campaign in line that might be getting you favorable results. While that may be fine, you can absolutely enhance said campaign in a few effective ways. 

Use SEO strategies that will give you results

The big SEO companies have no problem putting in motion a solid plan that they have been shaping for clients for years. They have many avenues by which search engine results are optimized, and they do it well in a short time. What if you’re not a big company and only yourself or a small staff? This would not work.

If you look at your website and analyze your content, you’ll discover just which keywords, titles, and meta tags will work perfectly. You can also use keyword searches to see what everyone is searching for on Google, which can then lead you to setting up proper tags. In addition, if you feel as though you don’t have enough manpower to generate results in a few months time, you should only look at the mediums that will take the least amount of effort. Even an hour a day of guest blogging, forum and blog commenting and press release writing will give you the results you’re in search of.

Know your audience

If you have an audience that loves to read up on the latest technology news or products, for example, you can use this to your advantage. By targeting this specific area of interest, you can show your followers that your news, products or both are unbelievable and people must come back to your site to find out more. Of course, if you follow this audience and don’t do anything original, you’ll have a tough time keeping their attention for long.

How can you keep your traffic on your site?

Offer incentives, neat coupons that save a lot of money, or offer crazy news stories that most will have an incredibly hard time not clicking. It’s up to you on how you can entice your audience, but the general idea remains the same.

Be original, not corny

There’s nothing worse than a corny campaign. By corny, I mean portraying yourself as the best and brightest guy on the planet with the best products on earth. You might be asking yourself 'why would I want to tell my audience that my products aren’t the best?' It all comes down to being genuine. Be honest, when you see an ad campaign or company that says 'we’re the best!' or 'we offer the best service and products,' you’re not buying a single word of it, correct? Right. This is what you want to avoid. If you look like just another businessman that is trying to take everyone’s money, you’ll never get anywhere.

It’s always a good idea to have confidence in yourself, but let your news or products do most of the talking. Besides, if your products and website are good enough, you won’t really need to do much talking in the first place. Don’t be corny, just be 'one of the common folk.'

Don’t let this become your only project

You’d be surprised by how many sites spend more time advertising themselves and doing SEO than actually sitting down and writing worthwhile content. Sure, you might get a lot of people to visit your site, but if your content isn’t very good or looks like you rushed it just to get it on the site, they’re not going to continue visiting. It’s a good idea to spend time on SEO and advertising, but don’t let that obsession to be on top of the search results harm the website itself.

I’d say a good rule of thumb, especially the smaller guys with no SEO teams, is that you should spend no more than an hour a day on SEO and advertising yourself, with the remainder of your time devoted to the layout and content of your site.

Analyze your market

You absolutely cannot lose touch with your consumer base. If you’re out of the loop for even a month, your website can take a dive. If you’re offering a certain type of product, check out all of the major online sellers to see if your prices remain competitive. If your prices don’t match up with the big guys like Amazon and eBay, for instance, potential buyers are definitely not going to shop on your website. The same can be said if your website is devoted to information, in that if you lose touch with what your readers want, they’ll look elsewhere for the information you are not providing them.

It all boils down to having a perfect medium. If you have a combination of smart marketing skills, good and competitive information and products, a good website, and a positive and genuine appearance, you’ll do well in whatever niche you’ve decided to target.

It also depends on how large your efforts stretch. Obviously, if you’re running a small operation and you’re up against large competitors, you’ll need to focus your efforts more narrowly so you can compete. Since the big players already have plenty of control and gusto, you’ll need to do everything in your power to combat that.

By following the refined marketing plan that you have put into place, you’ll have no trouble grabbing an audience and keeping them there for as long as you’d like. Of course, nothing lasts forever. If you want to keep your loyal traffic there for an extended period of time, you’ll need to continue revamping your image to keep things fresh.

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