How To Grow Your Brand Through YouTube Videos

How Youtube Videos can help you grow your brand


With YouTube’s influence and power in the world of digital marketing growing rapidly, it has become evident that brand presence on the video-sharing platform equals a level of publicity you cannot get elsewhere. However, leading brands are not just using the online video giant because of its reach; they are taking advantage of YouTube’s ability to drive product recall in a positive way and create brand awareness. YouTube is the king of video; so say the experts and viewers have proved it. The problem is that there are a variety of complex ways through which brands can make use of YouTube and it can become intimidating to come up with a proper plan.

Here are some great tips that can teach you how to grow your brand through YouTube videos effectively:

Creating a subscriber trailer

No YouTube channel is complete without a subscriber trailer, which is aimed at introducing the brand to prospective subscribers. The key is to keep the trailer concise and to the point while providing viewers with a reason to subscribe to the channel. You can also add a small message on when people can expect your next video. In addition, YouTube also provides creators with the option of adding a brand intro of 3 seconds to the videos. You can include your logo, channel name and tagline in this introduction.

Using logo for your branding

One of the most important factors that can affect your branding efforts is your logo. When you have a logo, you essentially create a signal for people to identify and recognize your brand. Great logos are unique, simple and memorable. Not only should you include it in your brand introduction, but it should also be displayed prominently in the video content. The InVideo programming feature gives you the option of adding your logo to the top right corner of your videos. Branding with a logo will help viewers become familiar with your brand.

Promoting videos on social media with hashtags

Hashtags are used by numerous social media websites including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. A branded hashtag should be created for your channel as this can be helpful in sharing the videos you create. Add the hashtag to your video as a video graphic and this will automatically encourage social media users to make use of it when they discuss your videos. When you brand your videos by using hashtags, it can be useful for growing your brand presence on major social media networks, which allows you to get a bigger following on YouTube.

Using calls to action

Annotations are often used on YouTube by numerous brands for encouraging users to subscribe to their channel or follow them on Instagram or Facebook. These are defined as 'calls to action'. Using them in your videos is of the utmost importance because they push the viewers to take action, whether it is subscribing to the channel, liking the video, leaving a comment, following the brand on social media, watching more videos or sharing the video. All of these can grow and expand your brand in the right way.

Taking advantage of video description

There are descriptions that can be added to the videos you post on YouTube and you can place the links to your social media profiles and fan pages in there. When you are branding the description of your videos with your social media pages, blogs and other promotional pages, it allows you to draw some additional interest from the viewers. The audience can be encouraged to get the latest news, updates and behind-the-scenes information by checking out the links, which boosts exposure. 


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