How To Get Better Results From Your Projects

Top tips for improved results


It does not matter whether your projects have been performing badly or not; we all want to be better. We all want to achieve higher levels of quality and efficiency on every project we embark on. But, how do you take your projects to the next level? Below, we have plenty of tips to help you achieve better results.

  • Consider doing a cyber security or disaster recovery presentation for the client – This first suggestion comes with a warning; it can be very costly. So, you do need to be careful when deciding whether to go down this route. However, if you are handling sensitive data, this could be a great thing for your project. It will ensure that your clients are satisfied and have confidence in business continuity under your control. They will have peace of mind that a security issue is not going to knock their project off the rails.
  • Capture learnings – One way to improve project management maturity is to capture the lessons that you have learnt along the way. After every project, make a note of what tasks took longer than anticipated and try to understand why. Also, write down what went wrong, what risks happened, and mitigation was managed. You also need to determine what could have been done to improve the project, as well as the variances from the project plan. By writing this all done, you will learn a lot for the next project you take on.
  • Take a project management training course – One sure fire way to improve yourself, and thus improve the results of your project, is to take one of the available project management courses. There are many different options to choose from, including APMP, PMP, and the APM Project Fundamentals qualification. You will learn new skills and develop your current skill set, allowing you to be more efficient in your role in the future.
  • Mid-project reviews – Of course, there needs to be a number of reviews throughout the project. But, if you are not conducting a mid-project review, you need to start doing so. Add these to your schedule, as more communication and reviews will add accountability and boost satisfaction.
  • Increase communication – This leads onto the next point perfectly; you should increase communication if you want to make project improvements quickly. You certainly should not decrease it. Communication should include both customer and team touch points. Have more status report discussions and distributions, more meetings, more calls, and more distributions of the project schedule. We are not indicating you need to do this all of the time; you’d never get any other work done. But, when you feel that the project needs a bit of help, this is the right move to make.

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