How To Engage and Entertain People Online

Can you make yourself stand out in the blogosphere?


The ‘blogosphere’ has become a highway of information. It gives normal people the opportunity to write about things they find interesting, and allows them to impart their own wisdom to those who have stumbled across it.

For some bloggers, creating an optimised site which has fully edited content is not possible, nor is it something they’d like either. We have to remember that for many bloggers the purpose of their site is not to make revenue from Google AdWords - it’s instead just a collection of their thoughts and memories - and a place they can go to when someone asks them how their holiday was.

The majority of people make no, or very little, income from their blog. Bear in mind that there are now 227,000,000 blogs online, and although it’s difficult to predict how many of these are redundant, this percentage has increased year on year since 2011.

Regardless of whether a blogger wants their content to turn into revenue, I would assume that most want what they write to be readable. That’s why in this article I will run down some of the points bloggers should consider when trying to revamp their content.

Make your content your own

This sounds like a predictable title.

When I say make your content your own, I am not trying to sway you from plagiarism, I’m talking about the creation of words and phrases which are distinctively you.

When you hear or see the words ‘you talkin’ to me?’ you immediately think of Travis Bickle - imagine having a similar phrase that alerts users to think of your brand?

That’s free advertising, and it proves that your writing is becoming more powerful because people have remembered what you’ve said.

Therefore, it’s important to think about incorporating a few words or phrases into your work which you use all the time - this is far easier said than done, but if you can, it’ll make a world of difference.

Verbs, verbs, verbs

Verbs denote an action, and they are a sure-fire way of capturing your audience’s attention.

The science behind the use of verbs over nouns is simple. If your writing is active, your readers will be active too. The active voice makes content more compelling and gives it a sense of motion that isn’t always possible when you’re relying on static-nouns.

Use verbs whenever possible and make sure your blogs are full of movement - your audience will be compelled to act, and that’s never a bad thing.

Put ‘maybe’ on your banned words list

If it’s your blog and you want to portray yourself as a larger-than-life personality, there’s no room to sit on the fence.

Write with an attitude and stand by what you say and understand that adding the odd ‘maybe’ or ‘perhaps’ is just going to make yourself look like you doubt your convictions.

If you’re afraid of exposing your true feelings, blogging might not be for you.

Making a blog standout from the crowd is a tough thing to do and will take a lot of planning. If you want your blog to make you money, never release something on a whim - make sure that it has conviction and that your true personality shines through.


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