How To Do Content Marketing On A Limited Budget

You can get the results you deserve from content marketing without breaking the bank.


Achieving fantastic ROI with content marketing has become a top priority for marketers in corporate settings. In fact, the process has proved to help companies of practically every size generate leads, boost sales and become more profitable. High-profile success stories continue to stoke interest in content marketing, but sometimes the tactic fails, especially when poorly planned and executed. 

At the same time, many companies reach their goals via content marketing, others like yours might reap poor results due to lack of funds. To be sure, this type of strategy takes time and human resources, so it can seem off limits to companies without deep pockets. Fortunately, by following some simple tips, you can get the results you deserve from content marketing without breaking the bank.

Have a Content Marketing Strategy

Notwithstanding the effectiveness of content marketing, many firms waste countless hours engaging in counterproductive activities. In fact, some large corporations with seemingly endless streams of cash can get by with a trial-and-error do-it-for-fun approach. You, on the other hand, need to make smart choices and wise use of available financial and human resources.

Make content work for you and your brand by spending some time planning and creating a written document that guides you and your team into the efficient use of your time and money. Your content marketing strategy should include some basic components:

Create precise objectives - Set some realistic and measurable goals that directly contribute to the mission of your organization. Also, your objectives should coincide well with the businesses plan that generally guides your firm.

Investigate your market - Find out what your customers need and how you can differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors.

Define success - What does success look like for your content strategy? Regardless of whether you want to rank high in search engines, collect leads, increase conversion rates or some other objective, find out how to measure your results on your pathway to success.

Spread the word - Determine the best methods and channels to use for content promotion. Even though you create high-quality content in popular formats, your efforts will accomplish nothing unless you connect it with the right audience.

Schedule work - By and large, the most successful content strategies occur over the long run. Create a routine that ensures that you consistently publish and promote your content.

Focus on quality over quantity

Content marketing campaigns often become prohibitively expensive because businesses fail to prioritize quality over quantity. Instead, they pay for hastily written content that fails to add value to their brand or the online community. Rather than rushing to create a large number of blog and social media posts, spend your time and money making sure that all activities contribute to your established goals.

Consider your budget and formulate a realistic course of action. For example, if your budget prohibits spending the time and money needed for five high-quality articles, reduce your expectations to three rather than reduce the quality of your content. In the final analysis, publishing one excellent piece in a month’s time will accomplish more than posting a poor-quality article every day.

Repurpose Existing Content

Make your content work harder and longer for your cause by repurposing it. Rather than always writing new material from scratch, update and revise old, existing content. Similarly, you can adapt content to different forms. For example, you could convert a blog post into a slideshow or take the audio from a video production to make a podcast.

In any event, working with existing content saves you the time and effort that you ordinarily would spend performing research and collecting your thoughts. As you breathe new life into your material, you will notice that you can create blog posts and other material in half the time required to make something new. Additionally, by submitting your content to different channels, you can expand your audience.

Start a blog

All things considered, a blog plays an essential role in any content marketing effort. Surprisingly, such a vital activity comes to you at very little up-front cost. In fact, you can get started with one of the most popular blogging platforms, WordPress for little more than the cost of web hosting and a domain registration.

Populating your blog with fresh, relevant content might challenge you and your team, especially when you realize the cost of paying professional copywriters. Generally speaking, however, you can save money on human resources by writing articles and asking your team members to do the same.

Rather than paying your employees overtime, you can offer them alternative benefits, such as the privilege of working remotely. Typically, such work arrangements increase worker productivity, reduce business overhead and increase employee satisfaction.

Another option, hiring freelancers, gives you access to quality content at a low price. In such a case, articles might cost between twenty and thirty dollars each, a much lower cost than having a traditional employee do the work.

Accept Guest Posts

Another key point, regarding content marketing on a budget, pertains to challenges faced while expanding the authority and reach of your brand. Companies with large marketing budgets can pay industry influencers and other professionals to contribute content. As a result, those brands rise in public esteem and attract people who respect those authors. You can do this too, except without the financial liability.

Guest blogging can work simply based on the exposure you can offer an author. In exchange for their content, you give them a byline, a brief bio and a link to their website. As a result, the guest author can access your audience as you expand yours.

Get started with your guest blogging program by publishing a guest blogger page that includes a form that prospective authors can use to contact your team. Also, when you see a content written by a guest blogger on a different site, you can proactively contact them to see if they will also write for your blog.

Promote Your Content

If you concentrated your effort only on content creation, you might never get the results that you crave. In order to make your content marketing work, you must have a promotional strategy. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter make sharing your content easy. Additionally, you can disseminate it through your email list. Other tactics can also help you promote your content without spending much money:

• Build landing pages that feature the expertise of your firm. If you optimize your pages for SEO and PPC, they can become magnets that attract qualified leads and prospects that want to buy your products and services.

• Publish a monthly or weekly newsletter to keep your audience informed. Avoid bombarding your audience with too much information and ensure that your newsletter always delivers fresh, valuable content.

• Comment on relevant content on other blogs and social media profiles. While doing so, mention your content and brand.

• Create backlinks leading to your content on other websites whenever possible.

Successful content marketing depends on strategy, planning, and quality. By using the above tactics, you can lead your company out of the shadows and into the forefront of your industry. Ultimately, A little hard work, ingenuity, and creativity can make you more competitive and profitable on a limited marketing budget. 


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