How to deliver a great digital experience

Delivering an excellent digital experience doesn’t have to break the bank but there are some features your website will need to guarantee for it to remain engaging


Delivering a great digital experience to your customers is an essential part of staying alive as a business in the 21st century, but many small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs are still failing the test when it comes to mastering the digital experience. If your website isn’t enticing enough to lure in additional customers and isn’t seamless enough to make sure they stay, then your company is effectively dead in the water.

Here’s how to deliver a great digital experience without having to break the bank and what your company will need to guarantee that its website and online offerings are unparalleled in the market.

Don’t bombard your customers

Refraining from bombarding your customers with too much stimuli may seem obvious, but far too many businesses and entrepreneurs are unleashing a torrential downfall of advertisements and push notification on their customers. If you want to deliver a truly fantastic digital experience, then it’s imperative that you don’t bombard them with too much information which can send them running for the hills. You should focus on creating a simple, seamless experience that strictly conveys just the information customers need to know and nothing else.

Mastering the seamless, simple digital experience takes time, however. You’ll want to thoroughly review your current digital strategy, including how you digitally advertise and send out emails, and determine if your scheduling or the glitzy nature of your outreach is just a bit too much. Advertising is everywhere in our world, but the human attention span is dwindling because of the immense stimuli we’re frequently faced with on a daily basis. If you’re not making your digital experience count then you’re simply wasting your money and your customer’s time alike.

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The next secret to delivering a great digital experience is routinely collecting consumer feedback and putting it to effective use. It’s easier and cheaper than ever before to collect customer feedback digitally, but many companies are still relying on old-fashioned ways of doing business are collecting in-person feedback. Digital feedback can provide anonymity, which makes customers blunter in their assessment and is substantially easier to handle than alternatives.

If you haven’t already embraced digital feedback strategies, consider employing a digital suggestion box which you can use to garner ideas from employees and customers alike. Finally, you should study which brands deliver the best customer experience, so you can copy their good ideas while avoiding their tried-and-tested failures.

Studying the competition

The best digital experiences are those which are innovative and fluid, especially since customer preferences rarely remain the same for long. Inevitably, your strategy is going to need an update. It’s thus imperative to study the competition and see what kind of digital experience today’s most popular brands are offering, after all, if you’re not copying the success of scratch cards you’re just adding more work and investment for yourself to get through before you make it to the top.

By far the most popular brands with the best digital experiences are those which are responsive and regularly engage their customers, especially when it comes to the day’s leading social media platforms. An analysis of the most popular brands found that customers routinely gave higher ratings to those companies who quickly responded to their complaints on social media, so consider hiring a dedicated social media staffer if you’re seriously interested in raising your popularity amongst frequent shoppers of yours. This should also serve as a reminder that you need a great team to succeed; if your staffers aren’t digitally savvy themselves, then your team will never be able to deliver a seamless and enjoyable digital experience to your customers.

Those digital experiences which customers respond to the most are engaging, jam-packed with emotional content, and designed by the savviest staffers who have their fingers on the pulse of society. Your business needs to be constantly reading up on the latest digital design trends so that your webpage is up to date and easily navigable. Your social media staffers should be regularly pushing out new content and responding avidly to any users who engage your brand in any fashion whatsoever. Above all else, your team leaders need to be plugged into your digital strategy and actively involved in the digital decision-making process.

Delivering a fantastic digital experience isn’t something you can master overnight. It will take some level of investment, especially if you don’t have dedicated tech specialists on your team and will necessarily call upon the involvement of your team’s leaders. Optimal digital experiences are essential towards success in the contemporary market, too, making it necessary that your business shoulder these costs even if it can be painful to do so. Whatever digital experience you’re looking to pass onto your customers, champion their privacy and ease-of-use more than anything else and you’ll rapidly see the positive reviews come flooding in. 

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