How smart watches could revolutionalize the education industry

This new technology could change the shape of education


You might think that smart watches are just for staying connected or keeping fit - but that simply isn't the case. The reality is, there are tons of new uses for them and other wearable technologies. We're going to look at how smart watches offer a wide range of new potential possibilities for improving classroom experiences for students and helping broaden education horizons.

How can smart watches improve the classroom experience?

Firstly, smart watches are great for tracking activity and sharing group achievements. The ability to work towards a group goal and share a user's performance is not only a great social tool, it's a great educational one, too. This works really well for physical education classes where students can share their performance and really compete in a way that wasn't possible before wearable tech came along.

Smart watches aren't just for physical classes, either. As classrooms rocket towards the 21st century, new ways to help keep the attention of students could help improve the way they learn. Smart watches can be used to play a number of education games and tasks, as well as offering a unique way to record lessons or improve note-taking.

Why smartphones aren't always as good as watches

You might think that most of what can be achieved with a smart watch could just be achieved with a smartphone instead, but that isn't always the case. In reality, the wearable nature of a smart watch takes it to the next level and allows greater scope to perform other tasks at the same time. In other words, both your hands are free with a smart watch, and you can't always jump around or be as active if you're trying to hold your phone in the right place.

Education apps for smartwatches

Leapfrog - Leapfrog have actually created a smart watch aimed at young kids - and it's a great activity tracker that keeps itself fun, colorful and simple.

Instapper - This app is a great way to take your educational articles and books with you, and it can also convert them into speech - helping you learn on the go. Instapper is available for a range of different smartwatches and phones.

Private Tuition

Smart watches can be a big help for both those being tutored or those offering a private tuition service. Not only are they great at organizing lesson plans and recording notes, they're super portable so can be used on-the-go, or in places where classroom equipment simply isn't an option.

Innovations aren't simply limited to smart-watches. There are tons of new wearable technologies like VR that could take learning to the next level. The wearable tech industry looks set to grow in the coming years, and as it does, solutions for education should follow.

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