How Programmatic Is Supporting Advertising Growth

As digital advertising grows, we look at why programmatic is fuelling it


Advertising has been growing across the world for the last few years despite much of this being removed from print advertising.

Digital advertising has been at the forefront of this and the UK is going to become the first country to have 50% of its overall advertising spend going towards digital rather than other formats.

One of the keys to this has been the ability to target people based on their buying preferences or activity on the internet.

The rise of Big Data and analytics has meant that companies hold more information than ever on the users of their websites and this gives advertisers a unique opportunity to advertise to the people who are most likely to be receptive to their products.

As more data is collected on people and the way they use the web, the more precise this information becomes with an increased opportunity to target ads towards them. Programmatic has had a huge impact on this as the engines powering the suggestion engines within the software gain more information and thus become even more useful for advertisers.

The benefit of programmatic (and why it has become so successful) is because it is also an adjustable form of advertising.

Where targeting ads in a traditional format may include bolting on an offer at the end of a TV ad (which puts additional cost on the advertiser) programmatic ads can be changed in minutes by simply changing the artwork or URL link behind them.

The targeting combined with the quickly changeable option makes it both easy to make your adverts as effective as possible whilst targeting it to the people who will be most receptive to these kind of changes.

It also means that you can track the success of your campaigns far more effectively, which make the ability to make quick changes even more important. If an ad campaign isn’t working in traditional media, it is difficult to change it quickly and more importantly, to focus on the reason why it is failing.

Essentially, the flexibility and clear feedback from programmatic advertising has been one of the keys to the success of digital advertising and the beauty of it is that the more people use it, the better it will become.


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