How Mobile Apps Are Driving The Future Of Real Estate

Creating mobile-first strategy in the real estate sector


Productivity and utility apps were the most popular Android category last year as per Statista. Since apps have taken possession of our mobile phones and take care of everything from driving directions to doctor’s appointments, it is not surprising they dominate the business and productivity sphere as well. Many apps simplify existing business processes or streamline tasks – while some others introduce new services that are a fruit of imagination and creativity.

Take, for instance, mobile apps for real estate business that help realtors and property hunters alike in their goals. It is now critical for realtors to have a mobile strategy and use technology to enhance their business. What are some benefits of a real estate mobile app? Let’s find out.

Search and discoverability: More than 50% of the world’s internet users use their mobile phones as the primary means for searching, surfing, browsing, and so on. If a realtor develops a feature rich app, using an attractive UX to display various properties categorized by type, location etc., it would make the potential buyers’ lives so much easier. Aided by great photographs and description, these listings would entice the users to get in touch with your firm and come back for more. With the smarter version of app development and smartphones, the trend is to opt for a single code base with technologies like Xamarin app development framework for building cross-platform applications.

CRM apps: There are mobile-only CRM apps like Chime CRM that is a powerful lead generator using Facebook and portal ads to attract new buyers. The app keeps track of communications to remind agents when it is time to reach out. It also allows real estate agents to build their websites, send email campaigns, and view lead score rankings.

Real estate tools: Real estate tools like mortgage calculators and real estate calculators make it incredibly easy to get the pesky calculations out of the way. There are many calculators that have all real estate and finance functionality built-in and ready to use like calculating PITI and other what-ifs, estimating tax savings, calculating renting and buying finance costs and so on. Apps like Dedcutr 2 help real estate agents calculate tax deductions, add business income and expenses, log receipts and also track mileage using the phone’s GPS.

Paperless offices: More and more businesses are struggling with the mountain of paperwork and masses of clutter that seem to hamper productivity and order. There are real estate document management apps that are available both for desktop and mobile – allowing realtors to be more mobile and work on their sales/core business activity and less on paperwork and deskwork.

Photography and visual aid apps: There are apps that take beautiful house pictures with loads of filters and functions to caption them and share it over social channels. Then there are apps like RoomScan Pro that designs floor plans just by holding the phone up against each wall of the property and tapping the wall. 

Document and collaboration apps: Easy connectivity and high-speed internet have made things accessible quicker, shortening the turnaround time for most requests. Apps like Dropbox allow a simple way to store documents in the cloud and access them anywhere on any device. Real estate agents can look up their client folders any time they want and even share files and papers with clients, lawyers, and other affiliates. It would be very impractical to wait for these tasks to be done physically or over fax, when all you need is a swipe and a click. 

From marketing to collaboration, admin and organization, real estate apps are aimed to enhance your brand’s worth and help you serve your clients better. As competition intensifies, you need to amp up your offerings and provide more memorable and fulfilling customer experiences. Have you worked with a real estate business app recently? What are your views on the benefits of such apps? Please share in the comments below.


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