How Microlearning Can Help Educate Your Employees and Your Consumers

What is microlearning and how can I leverage it for success?


Microlearning offers a chance to educate consumers and employees by providing learning content in very specific yet small bursts. This gives the learners the control they need while learning as the learning program is reorganized into a number of short courses. Once an employee has used this approach and learned a concept specific to the job it can be applied right away.

There are a number of reasons why microlearning has seen an exponential rise in demand. The most important is that in 10 years, millennials will make up 70 percent of the global workforce. However, their attention span is small and stands at only 90 seconds on average.

At the same time, microlearning is seeing a rise in demand not just among millennials, but across the board, considering there is a huge advance in technology across the world from social media to mobile devices that let them access all manner of content online wherever they are.

The approach is also popular because it allows employees and customers to receive information on services and products quickly. As such, the need for effective short yet relevant methods of training is clear.

Save time and cost

Whether it is reaching customers or training employees on certain programs they need in their day-to-day job, cost and time are significant factors. Microlearning helps you save on both time and cost, especially on expensive training consultants if you contrast it with other traditional methods of training. Microlearning is big, particularly in organizations with over 5,000 employees or those with a global workforce. Employees use it to learn something new and internalize a new skill fast, something that gives them a lot of control within the learning process. Corporations also love microlearning considering they are able to reinforce and engage for better sustainment and to boost employee engagement. Microlearning drives down cost and raises effectiveness.


Every company seeks to have consumers remember their products and services, while they expect the courses and expertise internalized through training to be retained by employees. However, about 90 percent of information that has been learned in conventional classroom setting has been forgotten in just 12 months. Microlearning offers a novel approach that immensely helps both the customers to remember the company and its services and products while employees have a better and solid learning approach that trains them in a way that they cannot forget, considering they are in charge of the process.

Microlearning boosts the use of rich media for effective training

Rich media fits in microlearning effectively. Right from the start, rich media allows a lot of information to be passed in the shortest time possible. Visuals are also processed 60,000 times faster within the brain than anything written. This is exactly how people are getting information today. Microlearning is boosted by rich media, which can be streamed from virtually anywhere across the world via tablets, Smartphones and computers, among others.

Works for every company

If you are a company that uses resellers or salespeople who need teaching on various areas such as product and sales training, microlearning is the best approach to use. You can get these resellers ready and confident in new products quickly and also use the same techniques to train employees in a more efficient way. It also gives employees the constant opportunities to refresh their skills wherever they are  and whenever they need it.

All and all, microlearning can be effective for both your employees and consumers. 


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