How Mastering Big Data Can Transform Your Nonprofit

Taking time to follow these big data tips will work wonders for your nonprofit organization


Big data is no small matter, regardless of what sort of company you run. Nonprofit organizations especially can gain an edge on their competition by embracing the ins and outs of big data. This is currently a $42 billion industry that companies of all types are taking advantage of.

Since your organization depends on strategic planning and decision making, take your time and make the best use of the tips below.

Use big data to keep track of your fundraising

Nonprofit organizations are leading the charge when it comes to big data. These organizations tend to be very "heart" centered, which attracts people who don't necessarily gravitate toward data and algorithms. By incorporating AI and other forms of data that make fundraising simpler and more effective, you get the best of both worlds.

A solid big data implementation, along with digital marketing tips like purchasing Facebook adds and improving search engine optimization (SEO) can go a long way. As the industry grows, so too will the ways that data is incorporated for nonprofit organizations. You'll want to take this into consideration when naming directors, those with an understanding of analytics might garner more favor during the hiring process.

You'll want to also make sure you set up strategic fundraising plans that have a high ROI. Some things you can do to ensure this include making the best use of informative and attractive graphics, focusing on mobile optimization, improving your branding, and simplifying your information as much as possible.

Make actionable changes with your data

Data analytics is one thing, but you'll need to make actionable changes with the information that you garner. Assess market trends will give you an edge on your competition like nothing else.

The use of this data science also brings your staff together, since they're continuously working toward a common goal to extract the greatest value from your data. You'll then be in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing your path and taking decisive action when it's time to.

Put together a committee of managers and employees to plan and create changes. This way, you're not simply spending money on research without taking action. The more actionable changes that you put into place, the more ahead of the game your nonprofit will be, and able to hit initiatives.

Since nonprofits account for more than 9% of salaries paid out, you can expect analytics research for these organizations to become an even bigger deal as time goes on. Getting a jump on this area of focus will be excellent for your nonprofit.

As your data evolves, keep evolving with it so you're never stuck down a path of action that doesn't get results.

Stay on the cutting edge

When it comes to using big data for your nonprofit, you'll need to remain ahead of the curve, since technology changes with the wind.

A lot of nonprofits are beginning to take in data, but few actually know what to do with it. Likewise, most nonprofits today are strapped for resources, so every bit counts. Using data to the fullest will help you find opportunities where you didn't see them before so that you're best able to capitalize on every resource at your disposal. It's best to stay in front of these changes in order to ensure that your nonprofit is staying with the current times.

Using big data to your advantage can keep you a cut above the rest. Consider the tips presented so that you can take your nonprofit to another level.


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