How Healthcare Professionals Can Take Advantage Of The Holiday Season On Social Media

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If you are a healthcare professional, then you are probably more focused on caring for your patients than on expanding your brand. But it's a good idea to spend some time learning basic marketing skills so that you can ensure you always have more patients. Pretty soon, the holiday season will be upon us. As a care provider, you can capitalize on the season and use social media to spread awareness of your brand. In this post, we will list a few tips on exactly how to do that.

Provide Warnings

This is particularly easy for dentists and nutritionists. Come up with a health risk associated with the holiday season and a way for people to mitigate the risk. For many fields, this can come down to something as simple as recommending that the reader cut down on sweets and alcohol. It doesn't need to be complicated. The goal is to assert yourself as an authority in your specialty, to increase your brand recognition and the trust that potential patients place in your expertise. You can come up with a structure, such as a tip per week, or simply write them whenever you have time. It's a fast and easy way to tap into social media for a stronger brand.

Provide Checkup Reminders

Many healthcare fields involve regular checkups of one kind or another. Write a quick social media post reminding the reader to schedule their checkups and suggest your practice as a good choice. Many people arrange their checkups around the holidays to help remember them more easily, so you are just helping them with the schedule they already planned out. With luck, you will reach some patients who decide that they want to make an appointment at your practice. Even if they don't do it right away, it is important to get your name out there as much as possible, so that when they do need someone in your specialization, your practice will be on their list of potential choices. It's a good idea to emphasize any particularly special or modern elements of your practice, like a new PACS system or EMR technology. Don't be afraid to show off any new equipment the practice has acquired. After all, no patient is going to know about them if you don't talk about it first.

Send out seasonal greetings

Patients value cutting-edge technology and the newest techniques, but they also want a doctor who will be caring and supportive. Show some humanity by posting messages about enjoying the season and send out greetings to your readers. Too many care providers fall into the trap of trying to project robot-like perfection and then are surprised when patients feel uncomfortable. Keep in mind that a patient's mood is not just a factor in whether they stick with the practice- it also has a big effect on their recovery. A happier patient is more likely to be a healthy patient. You can try to be funny, warm, or anything else, but the most important thing is to be yourself. That genuine feeling will shine through and be obvious to readers. They appreciate a provider who can empathize with them and feels relatable.

Building your brand is not just a marketing move. It's a serious way for you to expand your practice and care for more people in need. As long as you have faith in yourself, then you know that patients benefit from your care. By using these tips to connect on social media, you can get more people thinking about you as a care provider of choice. There's no telling how many people will join the practice, but these tips are so quick and easy that even a small number makes it worth the effort.


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