How Has Marketing Analytics At Luxottica Developed?

We talk to Chris Grabarkiewicz-Davis PhD, Director of Consumer Insights at Luxottica


Chris is an innovative marketing executive with expertise in both insights & analytics. Her experience is diverse including leading teams responsible for web, customer, & CRM analytics, market mix modeling and traditional consumer insights. The focus of her career recently has been linking insights and analytics.

As Director of Consumer Insights for Luxottica Retail, she leads the team that delivers insights for brands like LensCrafters, Pearle Vision & Sunglass Hut. Prior to Luxottica, Chris worked for MarketTools and Nationwide Financial. She is a Past-President of the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association and has a PhD in Political Science from The Ohio State University. We sat down with her before her presentation at the Marketing Analytics Innovation, taking place in Chicago this May 19-20.

How did you get started in Marketing Analytics? 

At Luxottica Retail, the consumer insights team’s responsibilities gradually evolved to include some marketing analytics. We started with leading A/B & multi-variate in-market tests. Over time, I’ve had the opportunity to lead CRM & Web analytics and market mix modeling.

How is the approach to Marketing Analytics different at your company/ what do you do differently? 

I think our approach is similar to other companies. Lately, our focus has evolved towards business mix analytics (which includes more than marketing).

How have you seen analytics within marketing develop over the last 10 years?

Big data has allowed us to collect and analyze more information than ever, which has substantiated marketing’s value in two ways. First, adopting business mix modeling has given the marketing team a seat at the executive table. The finance and marketing teams have a common language and set of expectations about how marketing drives the business. Secondly, analytics has quantified the dollar value of excellent marketing for the C-Suite at Luxottica. While this is not surprising, it has fundamentally changed the way executives view marketing. So, marketing analytics used judiciously should empower marketing teams used poorly can also hurt the team.

What will you be discussing in your presentation?

My presentation focuses on how the Luxottica Retail's Consumer Insights team has been able to link Brand Equity Tracking, Copy Testing, and Market Mix Modeling to make the insights work financially 'relevant' to senior executives.

You can hear more about Chris, along with other industry leaders, at the Marketing Analytics Innovation Summit, taking place in Chicago this May 19-20.


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