How Cloud Hosting Can Help Boosting SEO

The benefits of using cloud hosting for your website's SEO


Cloud and SEO are two internet-based technologies that have the attention of almost every modern business. Hosting your website on a cloud server rather than a dedicated server can save you big bucks. And having effective SEO strategies can help you beat the competition by giving your website higher ranking in search results.

Cloud hosting is rapidly becoming a part of many organizations’ growth strategy as it helps them escape from massive office infrastructure investments. Additionally, it comes with easy-to-scale plans, which allow for plan revision whenever required without demanding any additional security or setup cost.

Did you know, one of reasons for cloud’s widespread acceptance and popularity is its perfect compatibility with SEO? It came into limelight when it got its mark of fame with SEO.

What does cloud hosting do to improve SEO?

It improves your website’s load time:

Cloud helps in SEO, more than you can imagine.

The biggest advantage of using a cloud server is that it improves your website’s load speed, which is one of the major factors contributing to websites achieving a better position in search results.

As per SEO principles, just a second’s delay in your website or web page’s load time can decrease your page views by 15%. It further increases the chances that your visitors will move to your competitor.

A slow loading site has a higher rate of customer dissatisfaction. About 50% of your visitors will hit the refresh button if your site doesn’t open quickly. The rest will leave and never return.

Top search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing, use this metric to rank a website up or down in their results, because they do not want any of their users to feel disappointed by sending them to a website that responds slowly. A site that search engines don’t like is a site that searchers don’t see much in search results! It’s as simple as that.

Hosting your site on a cloud server places your site and its resources on multiple locations around the world. It relieves the sudden traffic-borne load and maintains its loading speed all the time.

Cloud hosting plans are scalable, which means you can scale up or down your server space whenever there is need, without depositing any fresh setup cost. That way your website keeps working without slowing down even during heavy traffic.


Most cloud hosting server providers ensure 99.99% uptime, which is better than many types of server hosting plans. Meaning cloud server is the best you can get for your investment.

Another factor that affects your website’s SEO ranking is downtime. A day-long downtime or error loading message can do substantial damage to your ranking.

Almost no downtime, which cloud offers, delivers a positive message to your visitors and search engine bots, and is a great help in your search ranking.

Hosting location:

SEO professionals across the globe are focusing on Local SEO, i.e. working on bringing their client’s site up for location-specific search queries.

Why? Because, search engines give preference to websites that are hosted on a local server. For example, if your business offers service in the UK, but your server location is somewhere in India or China, then Google will show those websites that are hosted in Europe above yours.

Having a cloud server may prove fruitful in this regard. Cloud server providers have their server located in many parts of the globe. Plus, they do not have any specific geo-location tag. So, you can hire a cloud server provider without worrying about their location.

Protection from spam BOTs

Technically, BOTs are computer programs that visit your site to track its coding and content. Google also sends BOT to read and rank your website. But not every BOT is programmed to do that.

Some BOTs are scripted to influence your SEO negatively. Have you ever found that your website’s content is also present on some other website? That could be a BOT activity.

A BOT can also post or spam your links on multiple sites, which would be an even more harmful activity for your website.

Cloud servers come with BOT protection protocol. Cloud providers are equipped with necessary tools and security measures that provide protection against BOTs.

Better mobile usability

This is the generation of smart phones. Smart phone allows a user to access anything and everything tapping their finger on the screen.

Did you know, more than 70% of your audience access your website on their phone? There are high chances that you are reading this article on your phone.

So, if this is the significance of mobile phones, how do you make sure your website stands out?

Just for a reminder, if your website is responsive or friendly for mobile devices, it has the potential to get better SEO ranking. Mobile responsiveness is an extremely beneficial feature for a website looking for visibility on search engines.

With cloud technology, making your website user-friendly is an easy job. Cloud vendors provide their clients with tools and assistance to help them develop mobile friendly features on their website.

In conclusion

For a business looking to keep their website maintenance cost down and SEO strategies up at the same time, cloud server hosting is the option to go for. Cloud will keep your expenditure in control and SEO flourishing.

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