How Best To Pack Your Business Assets For Storage

A savvy guide for business owners


Whether you’re moving premises or just looking to free up some additional space within your business and put it to better use, storing your business assets at an off-site storage facility can be a very attractive prospect.

However, how you pack up your business assets for storage can make all the difference in their condition and accessibility, so a little organization and good packing practice can go a long way.

The bare essentials

Regardless of your reasons for using storage for your business assets, you first of all need to establish which items are essential to the continued function of your business. The last thing you want to do is pack away items that you regularly use. For example, laptops, day to day paperwork and stock that are needed every day should be kept close to hand during the storage process to cause the lease disruption to business operations. However, anything that isn’t used regularly, but still needs to be retained can be safely and securely packed away in storage.

Organize your assets

Another key element of effective business asset storage is to make sure it’s organized. Whether you’re storing items in shipping containers, warehouses or other storage facilities, keeping everything in an orderly manner will make life much simpler in the long run. A simple way to do this is to categorize and label items that are going into storage and have a detailed itinerary you can reference. If you know exactly where the accounts for 2014 are stored or your seasonal stock, you can get quick and convenient access to it as and when you need it.

Clever packing

As well as organizing your assets during packing and creating an itinerary, it is also a good idea to be smart when you’re packing business items into the storage unit. You should make the best use of the space you have, not only from a cost point of view, but also for ease of access. This can easily be done by stacking boxes and containers up to a safe height and possibly adding additional shelving in your unit. The other way to make packing clever is to allow for walkways within your unit so you can reach all areas of the unit without having to move or unpack items. Also giving consideration to where place certain items can help too. Putting items that are less likely to be needed at the back will allow more space nearer the front for items you may need more frequently.

Give yourself time

As with any packing, it’s always a good idea to allow plenty of time to organize, categorize and physically pack assets into storage. If you rush any elements of the packing process, you’re likely to make finding and accessing items in storage more complicated further down the line. 

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